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What do you do when you have guests over, and there are fewer beds than people? Where does your guest lay for the night? What if you are out visiting friends and loved ones and you are too inebriated to drive back home? Where do you crash for the night if they don’t have extra beds? There is a simple solution. Get you a floor mattress. Not just any old mattress but one that has been designed for such use on the floor rather than a bed frame. There are various types in the market today, and we shall be taking a look at some of them.

The Best Floor Mattresses

1. Milliard - The Best Tri-Fold Floor Mattress

2. Milliard - The Best Convertible Floor Mattress

3. Zinus - The Most Affordable Floor Mattress

4. Leewadee - The Best Thai Floor Mattress

5. ColorfulMart - The Best Modern Japanese Tatami Mattress

6. Rolling Bed - The Best Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

7. EMOOR - The Most Luxurious Floor Mattress

The Best Floor Mattresses Table





The Best Tri-Fold Floor Mattress

Milliard Tri-fold Floor Mattress Review by


The Best Convertible Floor Mattress

Milliard Tri-Fold Sofa & Floor Mattress Review by


The Most Affordable Floor Mattress

Zinus Floor Mattress Review by


The Best Thai Floor Mattress

Leewadee Floor Mattress Review by


The Best Modern Japanese Tatami Mattress

ColorfulMart Floor Mattress Review by


The Best Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

Rolling Bed Floor Mattress Review by


The Most Luxurious Floor Mattress

EMOOR Floor Mattress Review by


Advantages of The Floor Mattress

There are many advantages to the floor mattress. Some of them are listed below

Portable: they are easily folded and stored away if that’s what you want. Sofa mattresses can also be converted into chairs when you wish to sit rather than sleep.

Lightweight: they are also very light and easy to carry because of the nature of the materials used. The foam base is the main reason why they are so light and easy to move around, and this is why a lot of people opt for this.

Non-slip bottom: a lot of the models come with a non-slip bottom which prevents it from moving out of place when people are on it doing whatever.

Affordable: there are not on the high side and are very budget friendly. They can also be adapted for various purposes.

Removable covers: these mattresses usually come with a cover that can be removed when required and washed in a machine washer.

Types of Floor Mattresses

There are so many different types of floor mattresses that you can make your choice from, and they are all unique in their own way when you consider the style and various other peculiarities. Two of them stand out from the pack, and they are highlighted below:

Folding Floor Mattress

This mattress is sometimes used at home by people who prefer to keep the mattress out all the time. Folding floor mattress can come in the form of a tri-fold which is easily folded and stashed away, and most people opt for this type because it is more convenient than the rolling type. There are other subcategories under the folding mattress such as the sofa bed that can be converted to chair beds when you want to sit. 

The Best Tri-Fold Floor Mattress

Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Floor Mattress

Price: $135.99

Milliard Tri-fold Floor Mattress Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 92% 

Dimension: 78 x 38 x 6 inches

Thickness: 6 Inches

Weight: 27.5 pounds

Product Analysis

The Milliard Memory foam tri-fold mattress will give you a very comfortable night rest anywhere you make use of it. All you have to do is unfold the foam bed and place on any floor around the house, mobile home or tent and settle in for a good night rest. This bed easily takes care of all your sleeping needs, and it is very easy to fold and tuck away in a corner. Memory foam is popular for its therapeutic qualities and the support it provides. The Milliard tri-fold foam mattress is very breathable with air flow to regulate temperature and offer maximum comfort and support.

This mattress is the perfect solution for temporary sleeping arrangements, and you can use it when you have unexpected guests sleeping over, family reunions, camping, and traveling. This mattress is made to dimensions of 1.5in of 3lb luxurious memory foam and a 4.5-inch supportive foam base for the best sleep experience. The memory foam used here is of the highest quality, and it ensures the mattress never loses its shape. It is built with superior density. The mattress includes a removable jacquard ultra-soft bamboo cover with the anti-slip bottom.

CertPUR-US Certified

This foam has gone through all of the testing and certification, and it is free of any CFCs, ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants and any heavy metal such as lead and mercury. It is also free of formaldehyde, phthalates and it doesn’t emit VOC into the atmosphere making it very environmentally friendly and suitable for use indoors.

Customer Feedback About the Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Floor Mattress


This mattress will serve you anywhere as long as you have a flat surface where you can place it. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it provides a very high level of comfort with its 6-inch depth of 3-pound memory foam

This mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, and this means that it has met all of the rigorous requirements stipulated by the certification. This certification protects the consumer and guarantees the mattress isn’t made with any substance hazardous to ozone or any environmentally hazardous chemicals

It comes with a cover which you can remove whenever you want and easily wash in a machine washer. The cover is made from the jacquard ultra-soft bamboo fiber with a non-slip bottom

Has therapeutic properties of a regular foam mattress

Can be easily folded and stashed away when not in use


Sometimes the mattress might feel too soft

Some other people have also referred to it as hard. You can’t please everybody

Gets pretty warm when in use during the summer

Not suitable for prolonged use

Takes some time for it to reach its original size

That’s about it for the cons. You need to understand that the mattress is basically made to be laid flat on the floor and other flat surfaces. They are usually portable, and they can fold up or roll up. You can’t really compare them with the pocket spring variant of the mattress with the memory foam 

The Best Convertible Floor Mattress

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Mattress and Sofa Bed

Price: $114.99

Milliard Tri-Fold Sofa & Floor Mattress Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 89% 

Dimension: 78 x 38 x 4½ inches 

Storage Dimensions: 38 x 29 x 14 inches

Thickness: 4.5 Inches

Weight: 18.35 pounds

Product Analysis

Temporary bed

This mattress is another perfect example of one you can use when you have an unexpected visitor who is sleeping over. It is so much more comfortable than an air mattress, and it unfolds with so much ease. It is also very suitable for use on the go so you can take it along when going camping or in an RV. The mattress is thick, and it offers a stronghold that will not bottom out.


You can fold the mattress up to become a sofa when you aren’t sleeping on it. This sofa is very ideal for lounging and gaming. It is a great option for any family gathering or game room. It stands 9 inches off the floor so it is suitable for any member of the family both young and old and they will all find this mattress comfortable.


This tri-fold mattress is made out of a 4.5-inch foam with unrivaled comfort when sleeping and sitting on it. The foam is evenly spread out throughout the mattress, and it has a very balanced supportive lift.


This mattress is dual purpose, and it is perhaps the best when it comes to its ability to be folded and stored away. If you do not wish to use the mattress as a sofa, you can just fold it up and tuck it away in your closet or under your bed.

Washable cover

The foam mattress s enclosed in a 3D mesh polyester cover. It is built such that the cover easily zips off the mattress and you can wash with a machine washer.

Customer Feedback About the Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Mattress and Sofa Bed


Constructed with high-density foam which you can even find in full-sized mattresses

Easy to remove the cover and machine washable

Very versatile and can be used in multiple scenarios


The top cover has an abrasive feel to some people

The Most Affordable Floor Mattress

Zinus Gel Memory Foam Tri-Fold Floor Mattress

Zinus Floor Mattress Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 75% 

Dimension: 75 x 27 x 3 inches

Thickness: 3 Inches

Weight: 11.46 pounds

Product Analysis

This Zinus Gel Memory Foam Tri-Fold Comfort mat is guaranteed to give you the comfort and convenience you need for a good rest. It is built with a 1inch gel memory foam, 1-inch vsicolatex foam and 1-inch high-density base support foam. The tri-fold mattress is well packed, and it arrives your doorstep conveniently. It is made with natural ingredients that help it absorb moisture, get rid of odors and keep your mattress super fresh all the time. The foam used here is of premium quality, and it is CertiPUR-US certified of performance, content, and durability. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Customer Feedback About the Zinus Gel Memory Foam Tri-Fold Floor Mattress


Three separate layers of foam with unique properties. Memory foam, viscolatex foam and high-density support foam. They all come together to provide the highest levels of comfort

The memory foam can absorb moisture and get rid of odors

CertiPUR-US certified and stamped safe for indoor use and on the environment


Only available in twin size

Some bad reviews on the seams giving way

Rolling Floor Mattresses

Unlike the mattresses that fold on the floor, these mattresses are easily rolled away and stashed when not needed. The most common types of rolling floor mattress include the Japanese tatami, Futons and also the Thai rolling mattresses. These mattresses roll out on the floor like a fluffy quilt thus you can’t use them like a chair bed or floor cushion as you have with the tri-fold mattresses. There is no fixed material that a rolling mattress will be made out of therefore the inside mattress can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some examples are:

The Thai rolling beds sometimes made with a natural cotton-like material known as Kapok. This kapok is sourced from the kapok trees. It is very soft, and due to its natural properties, you don’t have to worry about allergens and hazardous emissions.

The Japanese tatamis are constructed from a different variety of materials even though the original mats are made from chicks. The modified version of the rolling mattress we find today are usually made from cotton with a thin layer of foam and polyester cover. Sometimes they make use of a cotton filling. These mattresses are typically less heavy in nature.

Futons are a different kind of Japanese style bedding which can either be stuffed with cotton, wool or other synthetic batting depending on the preferences of the manufacturer. The more recent futons are also made from Teijin material which is unique to Japanese manufacturers. These futons can also be tucked away when not in use.

The Best Thai Floor Mattress

Leewadee Roll up Thai Floor Mattress

Price: $79.99

Leewadee Floor Mattress Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 85% 

Dimension: 79 x 30 x 2 inches

Mattress rolled up: 13 x 13 x 30 inches

Thickness: 2 Inches

Weight: 8.65 pounds

Product Analysis

This mattress is filled with hand-stuffed natural kapok. Kapok is a natural fiber that feels like cotton, and it is sourced from the giant pods of the kapok tree. The outer cover is made from traditional fabric with Thai design. All Leewadee mats are double stitched to give them extra strength and durability. 


  • Very comfortable, durable, stable and ventilated. This is because it makes use of natural materials.
  • Versatile as can be used as a daybed, guest mattress, yoga mat and so much more.
  • The roll-up mats are made from natural untreated kapok gotten from the fruit of a tropical tree. It is all natural and free of any artificial materials.
  • Solid and comfortable padding makes it suitable for prolonged use.
  • Suitable for many scenarios from sleeping to massage and it can easily be rolled up when not in use.
  • Carefully handcrafted and covered in traditional Thai design.

Customer Feedback About the Leewadee Roll up Thai Floor Mattress


100% handmade

Very versatile

Double stitched for better strength

Solid and comfortable padding which makes it suitable for prolonged use


A bit pricey

Some people have complained of a few loose threads in some areas

Sizes vary based on the color of the mattress

The Best Modern Japanese Tatami Mattress

ColorfulMart Flannel Japanese Floor Mattress

Price: $79.99

ColorfulMart Floor Mattress Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 84% 

Dimension: 47.2 x 78.7 x 1.5 inches

Thickness: 1.5 Inches

Weight: 3.75 pounds

Product Analysis

This flannel futon mattress is made with comfort and breathability as a top priority. It is soft, and it can easily be rolled up and stored away in a closet and rolled back out on the floor when the need arises. It is very ideal for those who want to maximize the space they have in their homes, and it is very easy to move around. Made with a 2-inch thick tatami mat, it is ideal for sleeping on the floor. It can also be used in different settings such as picnics, yoga, massage and so much more. You can use this mattress in any area of the house like the guest room, living room, patio, studio, exercise room, RV, etc. you can also take it along with you in your car.

Customer Feedback About the ColorfulMart Flannel Japanese Floor Mattress


Can be very soft to the touch

Comfortable and thin


Easily rolled up and stored away


Some customers complain that it is too dense

The Best Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

Rolling Bed Traditional Japanese Floor Mattresses

Price: $78.00

Rolling Bed Floor Mattress Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 84% 

Dimension: 80 x 30 x 3 inches

Thickness: 3 Inches

Weight: 14 pounds

Product Analysis

This traditional Japanese futon mattress is constructed out of cotton batting, and it can be rolled up and tucked away in a closet. Rolling it back out and laying it on the floor is also a breeze and this makes for efficient use of your living space. It is also very easy to carry and move around the house or wherever. The 3-inch thick futon mattress makes it very suitable for sleeping on the floor, and it can be used in many different scenarios such as picnics, resting, sleeping, yoga, exercise, etc. this mattress can be used in any area of the house.

Customer Feedback About the Rolling Bed Traditional Japanese Floor Mattresses


Easy to tuck away in storage

Portable and lightweight

Versatile and can be used for many different things

Made with cotton and polyester fiber with a foam layer

Meets the standards and regulations

Convenient to roll up and roll out depending on use

Suitable for use wherever you might find yourself in need of a mattress


The firm cushioning the cotton-padded mattress offers is not something everybody wants

Holds moisture, so it requires you turn it regularly

The cover is not removable. Stains will have to be wiped off instead of washing

Cannot support heavier people and not recommended for people with orthopedic problems

The Most Luxurious Floor Mattress

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

Price: $199.00

EMOOR Floor Mattress Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 82% 

Dimension: 55 x 83 x 2.5 inches

Thickness: 2.5 Inches

Weight: 15.21 pounds

Product Analysis

The Futon mattress “Classe” is made up of the TEIJIN MIGHTYTOP® II ECO, which ensures the mattress is free of bacteria, dust mites, and odor. It utilizes a full hygroscopic cotton fabric for its outermost part. The mattress futon is packed with the TEIJIN MIGHTYTOP ® II ECO (50%). This also has anti-bacterial and odor controlling capabilities which can last for up to 3 years. The outer fabric is made out of 100% cotton. In between the two layers of the soft polyester quilt, you will find a firm polyester pad. This three-layered structure provides all the comfort and support you will need in a futon mattress. 

Please note that the futon is vacuum sealed at the point of delivery and is intended to open up into its original full size when opened.

Customer Feedback About the EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress


The Teijin material has anti-bacterial properties

Has no initial odors

Versatile and can be used for multiple purposes

Easy to fold away when not in use

You don’t have to worry about dust mites


Some find it a bit firm

Some people complain it doesn’t blow out to the full 3 inches

What to Consider When Purchasing a Floor Mattress

If you entertain the idea of sleeping on the floor, getting the best floor mattress is of serious importance. What are the things you should keep an eye out for? Here is a brief guide on what to look for in selecting the most suitable product


The first thing you need to consider how big or small you want your floor mattress to be. This depends on use and the available space you have. If it is to be used by just one person, then a single one would do. It is averagely around 75 inches eight and about 27 to 35 inches width. Also the narrower, the better especially when you are going out camping. 

Rolling mattresses usually come in this single dimension, but you can also get the ones big enough for two people. The only issue with both types is that they retain their width when ready for storage or moving. The size of your mattress is a completely subjective choice that depends solely on you so we can’t offer much advice here.


The rule of thumb with mattresses is the thicker, the better. But still, there is a limit like you have in the rolling mattress. Folding floor mattress is made to various thickness. Thicker mattresses are generally more comfortable, but they may also be more expensive and bulkier.

With a thicker mattress comes more foam and the possibility of having more than one type of foam. There are advantages to picking out a thicker mattress.

Types of Foam Used in Mattresses

The mattresses that fold are mostly foam filled. Most of the rolling mattresses are also made with foam bit you also find some that are made from other materials such as cotton and other fillings. Top folding mattresses are made from memory foam. These foams adapt to your body shape, and they are very suitable for those with orthopedic issues. The cheaper mattresses consist of Latex or polyurethane foam.

Memory foam is typically denser than the usual polyurethane foam, and a lot of people prefer it to sleep on. But you also should look out for a layer of latex foam with high density as a base. This latex foam is even denser than the memory foam, and it has good support. You may dip too deep into a foam mattress if it is made completely out of memory foam. The ideal set up combines both. The memory foam provides comfort, and the high-density latex foam provides support.

Rolling mattresses are sometimes constructed with foam and other times with cotton batting. A few examples like we have in the Magshion Tatami Floor mat is made with a batting of cotton and half an inch of foam in between the thickness of the mat. The D&D futon is made with a fiber layer of polyester, some cotton and then foam. This combination blends comfort and some insulation

Mattress Cover

This is another important aspect of any mattress. The cover safeguards some areas of the mattress and the inside too. It helps keep the mattress clean and contamination free. They are usually susceptible to bedbug attacks and accumulation of skin shed by people coupled with the dust mites that thrive on them. The cover offers protection and helps shield us from the allergies that dust comes with. The top mattresses have removable covers which you can easily unzip and washed in a machine washer. Some other covers are a permanent fixture that cannot be detached. You want to go for the ones with the removable covers. Also, covers that are waterproof are excellent for kids because more accidents are prone to happen with them. They are also suitable when you go out camping because the mattress can come in contact with water in some conditions outdoors. 


There are times when you want to move your floor mattress from one point to another. When picking out a mattress make sure it is foldable and take note of the dimensions when folded. A tri-fold mattress will be three times thicker when folded, and the length will be shortened. The width remains the same, and this results in a shorter yet bulkier mattress.

For the rolling mattresses, the width is the biggest size when rolled up. So the diameter will be proportional to the mattress thickness and the length. These things should be looked at carefully before selecting one to buy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleeping on a Floor Mattress


Sleeping on the floor aids better blood circulation in the whole body. There are some health benefits associated with these mattresses such as alleviation of back and neck pain. There is also a reduced risk of scoliosis and an overall improvement in the back, neck, and joints. 

Our body reverts to a natural posture when we sleep, and if there is no cushioning on the mattress, the body adapts and spreads out the pressure around the surface area of the mattress. This show it prevents neck and back pain. Blood flow is unencumbered, and the tissues and muscles get maximum circulation.

When you sleep close to the floor, you get to enjoy the coolness of the air which helps you sleep better. A spike in body temperature might be the main culprit for your restless nights. When you have cooler air, you don’t sweat at night, and your respiratory system will also benefit from this. At the same time, you enjoy better blood circulation in the body.


One of the biggest disadvantages of sleeping on the floor is the potential exposure to dust that might have accumulated on the ground. You need to clean your surroundings regularly in order to avoid allergic reactions to these things that can affect your respiratory system. Dust and other dirt particles are harmful to your health, and you should ensure your mattress is a little bit above the surface.

In times of inadequate air flow and excessive sweat, the mattress tends to trap all of the moisture and heat to form a layer of mold. This mold can be responsible for various severe allergic reactions.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on The Floor

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on the floor. These have to be pointed out before we recommend the best ways to do it should you wish to proceed. Foam mattresses are susceptible to mold on the side that lays on the floor. Any mattress is susceptible to bacteria attack especially if it is lying on an impervious surface where it is unable to breathe. Your mattress traps all the moisture coming in from your breath and sweat, and this can be a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, and the resulting mold is harmful to your health. 

With all this said, when you make use of a floor mattress that is meant to be placed on the floor, you typically shouldn’t have these issues as considerations have been put in place to negate them. You can store one or two of these mattresses in a closet or cupboard in case you have unexpected guests coming over. You never can tell.

How to avoid associated risks of floor mattress

Dust and dirt particles attract dust mites and all of these rest on the floor. You should ensure your immediate surroundings are always clean and well vacuumed.

As we have mentioned earlier, to get an improved airflow, you should raise your bed up. When you sleep, the heat from your body and moisture from your breath can get trapped in the materials especially in humid climates. This is a situation that can lead to molds and bacteria attack. Ensure that you raise up your mattress regularly to allow the moisture that has built up to escape.

You are also more likely to find insects on the ground, and they can easily make their way to your mattress on the floor. Even more dangerous creatures like snakes will look to hide between the mattress and a wall so you must ensure your area is always well cleaned and clutter free. If you do not wish to share your bed with these insects and other dangerous creatures, take all the necessary cleaning precautions

Do not place your mattress directly on the carpet or floor. Lay down a cardboard or a less expensive foam first. This helps insulate against the cold and heat during extreme temperature variations all-round the year.


What is the difference between a futon and a floor mattress?

A futon is also a floor mattress, but a floor mattress is not a futon. There is a floor mattress which you can fold out into a mattress to be used on a flat surface. Technically you can use any mattress on the floor even though those designed specifically for this purpose are better. A futon is a flat mat you can roll up when not needed.

Can I use a futon on my box spring base?

There is no reason why you should want to do this. If you can save money by getting a floor mattress, then you should. Definitely not advised for a futon. 

Do I have to rotate or flip my floor mattress?

You should. Floor mattresses can be flipped over unless they have a special coating on the bottom that prevents it from slipping.

Do floor mattresses offer any bounce?

Not at all. They are just meant for emergency use.


If you are considering a floor mattress, make sure you take into account the potential problems associated with it and take all the necessary steps to avoid them. The biggest issues are retained moisture and heat s you must find a mattress with better airflow and design suitable for non-breathable surfaces. Protection Status 


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