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Beds play a huge role in our lives because we spend a great deal of our time on them. There are several types of beds on the market today. The ones with the highest demand are usually the ones that offer the most comfort. In the last few years, folding beds have joined the rank of beds in high demand. This is as a result of their ability to conserve room space amongst many other astounding benefits.

With folding beds, you no longer have to worry about finding a place for people who wish to sleep over. Guests who sleep over at your place on a fold up bed you provide will wake up in the morning feeling as though they spent the night on an actual bed. Yes, they are that comfortable.

The Best Folding Beds

1. Bestar - The Best Wall Fold Up Bed

2. DHP - The Best Folding Sofa Bed

3. Nirvana Futons - The Best Futon Folding Bed

4. Milliard - The Best Rollaway Fold Up Bed

5. KyRush It - The Best Folding Travel Cot

Benefits of Having a Folding Bed

  • They are easy to set and can be easily packed away and stored until another time when they'll be needed
  • It comes as a wise option when you have a spare room in your home you don't intend to fill with a large bed
  • It is actually a cheaper option and allows you to cut down the cost of furnishing your guest room
  • It is very helpful in times when you have visitors who intend to sleep over 
  • For those who move about a lot, a fold up bed is the most convenient bed to get as it is portable

Table Of The Best Folding Beds





The Best Wall Fold Up Bed

Bestar Folding Beds Review by


The Best Folding Sofa Bed

DHP Folding Beds Review by


The Best Futon Folding Bed

Nirvana Futons Folding Beds Review by


The Best Rollaway Fold Up Bed

Milliard Folding Beds Review by


The Best Folding Travel Cot

KyRush It Folding Beds Review by


Types of Folding Beds

Wall bed

Popularly known as wall beds, this type of folding beds are most useful in homes terribly lacking space. Wall beds come with dual functionality as they can both be used as a bed and can also be folded and placed on other furniture items as desks or cabinets.

The Best Wall Fold Up Bed

Bestar Nebula Full Wall Bed

Price: $1,084.24

Bestar Folding Beds Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 84% 

Dimension: 58.6 x 20 x 83.6 inches

Weight: 309 pounds

Product Analysis

The Bestar Nebula is such an amazing fold up the bed as it breathes life and gives elegance to whatever small space within your home where it is installed. Its neat and splendid design, in addition to the different unit it comes with, it helps to meet your need and makes your dream layout a reality. 

Top Features

  • Euroslat mattress support system known to provide maximum comfort
  • Able to take in a standard full mattress up to 10" thick with a weight of at least 70 lbs
  • Simple and safe dual piston system
  • Clearance of 9 - 6 inches under the bed when it is fully open

Customer Feedback About The Bestar Nebula Full Wall Bed


It is multifunctional

It is easy to use as it comes with a handle to direct the bed as you so wish

It is ideal for homes with little or no space at all

It comes well packaged

It is a fold up bed with great quality

It is able to accommodate a full sized mattress of about 12½ inches

Box spring not neede


Requires too much time to install as it takes two people no less than five hours to install

Sofa Bed

This type of folding beds is as multifunctional as wall beds. They can be used as loveseats or sofas during the day, and by night be put to their proper use being a full-sized sleeping mattress. They are also ideal for individuals with homes lacking space.

The Best Folding Sofa Bed

DHP Giada Sofa Bed

Price: $289.00

DHP Folding Beds Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 90% 

Dimension: 83.5 x 42.5 x 35.5 inches

Weight: 93.5 pounds

Product Analysis

Give your room a classy look with the DHP Giada day bed. This beautiful piece of furniture comes draped in brown faux leather and has its high arms flaunting a gentle sleigh arch to give it a modern and elegant form. Its backless design makes the DHP Giada a multifaceted piece that can be used as a room divider or placed against the wall.

Apart from its function as a luxurious seating tool, the DHP Giada also functions as a bed. It comes with a trundle mattress that makes it suitable for guests who wish to spend the night even if you have a small home. This multipurpose sofa bed is indeed built for style and comes with multiple wooden slats thereby eliminating the need for a box spring.


  • Able to accommodate two twin mattresses
  • Wooden slats to provide and comfort
  • Comes in brown faux leather and a detachable trundle
  • Weighs 93.5 pounds

Customer Feedback About The DHP Giada Sofa Bed


It is sturdy

It is easy to set up and takes no more than 45 minutes to assemble

Daybed can be used in any space

It has a great look

It comes at a very affordable price


A few customers complained about the furniture being unsteady


Known to have originated from Japan, futons are very much like sofa beds. They are used for seating and also function as a mattress. But unlike sofa beds, futons come designed in a way where its seating surface also doubles as a sleeping surface.  In other words, the place made for seating can also act as a bed to accommodate sleepers.

The Best Futon Folding Bed

Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon Set

Price: $534.00

Nirvana Futons Folding Beds Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 90% 


Full Sofa: 80"W x 32"D x 33.5"H
Full Bed: 80"W x 54"D x 22.5"H

Product Analysis

The Nirvana Futon comes with a unique frame and an extraordinary design. Its mattress is made up of multi-layers of poly-cotton and four layers of high-density foam. It has a build that flaunts lots of elegant curves with wooden slats of opposing features that gives your room the right amount of contrast needed to spice up its look. The Nirvana futon also comes with a three position settings - sofa, lounger, and bed.


  • This furniture can comfortably bear a large futon mattress with a layout of 54" × 75."
  • Three position settings that transform it from upright to reclined bed
  • The frame is made out of 100% solid hardwood 

Customer Feedback About The Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon Set


It is both durable and firm

It comes with a flat and comfortable platform

It comes constructed with high-grade hardwood


It is really difficult to assemble

It doesn't come with pillows

Rollaway Bed

A bed doesn’t have to be a static, large, hefty and four-legged piece of furniture. In the past, a bed could only be described by those features, but not anymore. A recent innovation in technology has seen to the creation of modern beds that are portable, compact, and yet very comforting. 

One of these modern pieces of furniture is the Rollaway Bed. As the name implies, this type of beds can be folded in half or rolled and kept somewhere safe when not in use. This feature makes rollaway beds suitable for people who lack enough space in their homes.

The Best Rollaway Fold Up Bed

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed

Price: $289.49

Milliard Folding Beds Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 90% 

Dimension: 75 x 38 x 17 inches

Weight: 57 pounds

Product Analysis

This rollaway bed passed through great scrutiny as its manufacturers didn’t want to give out to the public a product with too much or too little flaws. So every known defect that was brought to their notice by customers was corrected on in its latest versions. Expect nothing less of a masterpiece and improved user experience with this product. 

This foldup bed comes with a connection of strong wires underneath that holds up a top-grade mattress. It also comes with good buckles and great spinning tires for astounding user experience. 

The Extent of Comfort

Manufacturers of rollaway beds have for so long been known to care less about the comfort of the mattress. However, the manufacturers of this amazing folding bed rewrote the script by creating a rollaway bed that comes with a very comfortable mattress. The Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed comes offering users a 5 inches thick and soft mattress with a 2.5 density. This makes the mattress able to hold you up without easily sinking or sagging properly. The mattress is suitable for any sleeping position and known to sooth the body and completely eliminate the tendency to wake up with body aches. In fact, it is impossible to sleep on this rollaway bed and not wake up feeling refreshed.


The way and manner a rollaway bed is built are very important. Manufacturers of the Milliard Diplomat understood this and ensured their product got structured in a way that wasn't harmful to users. This rollaway bed comes with a double steel tubing fortification that provides users with all the support they need. Its thick mattress and web-like springs help eliminate the possibility of the bed ever sinking. By lying on this bed, users will get all the support they need for their shoulders, back, limbs and hips.

Portability and Ease of Movement

When not in use, this bed can be packed and stored for as long as you wish without things ever going wrong. It also comes with wheels for easy movement. 

Customer Feedback About The Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed


This incredible rollaway bed offers users so much support and comfort

Its parts aren't detachable

Its mattress is incredibly thick, soft and comforting 

The manufacturers offer great customer service

The fold up bed comes with a machine washable fabric for easy maintenance


There are no details on guarantee

Travel Cot

The last type of folding bed on our list is popularly known as the Travel Cot. Of all folding beds available on the market, travel cots are the simplest and lightest. Travel cots come in a wide range of forms to include sleeping pads and inflatable airbeds amongst others. The only problem with travel cots is that a great many of its manufacturers focus more on making the bed more portable to users at the expense of providing comfort.

The Best Folding Travel Cot

KyRush It Camping Cot

Price: Out of stock

KyRush It Folding Beds Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 94% 

Weight: 15.5 pounds

Product Analysis

If you ever need an amazing camping cot, we recommend you get yourself the KyRush It Camping Cot. This is indeed the king of all travel cots. This lightweight travel cot isn't just suitable for camping, it could also be used on a beach, at the park and could be used for relaxation after hiking. The KyRush It Camping Cot is lightweight and produces as much comfort as a travel cot should. 

This product can easily be packed up and kept in a store for a long while without depreciating.

Customer Feedback About The KyRush It Camping Cot


It is very light and can be moved about easily

It is waterproof

It offers users a good amount of comfort

Its length makes it accommodating to tall customers

It is easy to fold and unfold

It is very durable

It is suitable for both adult and kids


It isn't as comfortable as other folding beds

What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Folding Bed


Everyone knows folding beds are foldable and that's because they are made primarily of foam. The thing is not all foam mattresses meet and pass the standard for high quality. Majority of mattresses on the market are standard, high density while some are made from memory foam. A major problem in the industry is that a few manufacturers now go on to create mattresses that are a blend of memory foam and regular foam which isn't a good thing. So it is important that you first check the thickness of the mattress you wish to purchase and ensure it is made from memory foam.

Easy Storage

If you prefer to get a folding bed for a room in your home for the sake of conserving space, it is expedient that you get not just any folding bed, but one that can easily be stored. When choosing a product to purchase, get yourself one that can be folded into a portable size and can easily go under a standard mattress. The one problem with beds that fold easily to compact size is, they tend to come with a very thin mattress which you will agree with us can be uncomfortable. So don't just go for a bed that can fold easily, but also be on the lookout for one that has a thick mattress and provides comfort. Find a mattress with specs that balances those two features.

Bed Size Matters

When getting a folding bed, ensure the bed comes at a size that accommodates even a taller person. It has to be that sufficient in size. Endeavor to check the measurement of the bed before making the purchase, as you never know the body size of the person who may come visiting.

Frame Type Matters

Metal frames have been known to make folding beds lightweight and durable. Some fold up beds on the market come with trampoline-style frames while others come with slat-style base frames. Studies have shown that folding beds with trampoline frames tend to be more durable, supportive and comfortable than slat-style frames.

Ease of use

The one reason why people get folding beds is that it can easily be folded and helps conserve room space. But not all of these bed types fold easily and quickly. The more reason it is important that you don't just send someone to the store to get you a folding bed, but that you go there yourself to check if one of your choices folds easily and quickly. In the case where a particular bed can't be gotten from a store close to you, go online in search of it. And when it is found, read customer reviews about the product before making the purchase.

Weight Matters

Something else you shouldn't miss to check before purchasing a folding bed is its weight. It is important that you get a bed with a weight you can handle. Regardless of the fact that most folding beds come with wheels, something might come up requiring you to lift the bed. Some folding beds on the market have a light weight of 26 pounds while others have a heavyweight of 67.8 pounds. So choose a bed with a weight you can handle.

Features To Look Out For When Purchasing Folding Beds

Mattress Material

The type of folding beds available on the market is numerous. Each type of this bed is made with a unique material. Some of these materials include memory foam, fiber-padding, foam and hammock-style among others. When getting a folding bed, it is important to consider how often the bed will be put to use and who will be making use of it. If you wish to make use of the bed as an adult or wish to give it out to adult guests, then a folding bed made with memory foam will be most suitable. But in the case where the bed is to be used by a child, it is best to rather go for a hammock-style folding bed.


Folding beds don't all look the same. Some have an elegant appearance while others have a basic appearance. If you would want your folding bed to look amazing and like a standard bed, then you should only go for expensive models that have a thicker mattress and come with a dust ruffle.

Mattress Thickness

If you wish to have a folding bed that is extra comfortable, then get a mattress with a lot of thickness.

Weight Limit

When getting a folding bed, endeavor the bed of your choice has a frame that is strong enough to withstand any weight. The spectacular Jay-Be Inspire Folding Bed is known to have a strength that can support a weight of 350 pounds.

Sprung Slats in the Frame Versus Rigid Slats

Sprung slats are known to provide better support to the mattress and are resilient unlike rigid slats, which have a tendency to break when too much pressure is applied to it. So when getting yourself a folding bed, ensure its frames come with sprung slats.


Folding beds on the market can be gotten at a price range between $50 - $300 and usually averages no more than $100. So before choosing to purchase a bed, also consider your needs and budget first and foremost.


Owing to the fact that folding beds are intended to be portable and easily movable, it is only necessary they come with wheels for easy movement. The folding bed is created in such a way that puts wheels around its frame. The wheels can be positioned in the middle of the frame or at the head and foot of the frame. The problem is, with wheels there's a high tendency for the bed to move about while you're sleeping in it.

Two solutions have been proffered to solve the problem

Locking caster wheels: This technology allows you to lock each wheel separately by pushing down a tab on the wheel. This keeps it from moving about unnecessarily.

Raised Caster Wheels:  For folding beds with wheels installed at the center of the frame, this technology allows you to raise the wheels off the ground by unfolding the frame. Doing this helps in making the bed immobile for the time being thereby allowing you to sleep peacefully. 


Some folding beds on the market are known to come with a headboard.

Where Folding Beds Are Commonly Used

Lots of situations will warrant for the use of folding beds. As pointed earlier, this bed type isn't made for permanent use. In most homes, they only get to be pulled out for use when a guest sleeps over or when one goes to have a good time on the beach, park or is just camping. However, there are still a few people out there who have chosen to put the folding bed to permanent use.

Below are a few scenarios and places where you will find a folding bed being put to use:

Guest Bedrooms

For those individuals with homes lacking in space and yet constantly entertain guests, a folding bed will always be seen to be made use of. This bed is great at managing space so homeowners who wish to conserve space in their homes will always choose folding beds over standard beds for their guest bedrooms.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms usually come with the usual Double, Queen or King-sized bed. But in cases where there are more than two or three people in there, you may request for an extra bed. In most scenarios, the extra bed the hotel provides is usually a folding bed.

Dorm Rooms

In cases where people are required to come with their beds to a dormitory, folding beds are usually the type of beds most people bring along with them as it is a great option.


No other type of bed is more appropriate for camping than folding beds. Sleeping bags aren't great for everyone as they are known to make certain individuals wake up in the morning feeling cold and experiencing backaches. Folding beds can easily be taken to camp as they can be folded into a compact size and fit perfectly into the trunk of your car.

Temporary Bed

In a situation where you can't afford to buy a standard mattress, folding beds are a really great option to choose as you can get a strong and very comfortable bed for less than $100.


Folding beds are really great as they are good for helping you conserve space in your home, provide a quality mattress for sleepover guests and for taking out with you to the beach, camp, and park. They are affordable, comfortable, portable, durable and have impressive looks amongst others, so you should consider getting one for yourself.

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