Earplugs for Sleeping

When should you wear them?

Sleep is very important to your overall health, and approximately 30% of the world’s population isn’t getting enough of it. When you have trouble sleeping due to ambient noise, earplugs specifically designed for sleep are a great solution.

Sleep earplugs are generally made for comfort, with a softer and more flexible material so they can be worn all night long without irritation.

Who should wear them?

  • Sleeping partners of heavy snorers
  • Anyone sleeping in a noisy environment due to traffic noise, noisy neighbors, student living, etc.
  • Travelers who need to rest on-the-go

Snore Magazine highly recommend to read more about next Types of Sleep Earplugs:

Custom sleep earplugs. Can be made by a hearing healthcare professional by taking an earmold impression of your ear and sending that impression to an earplugs manufacturer who will then custom make a pair of ear plugs for you. These usually offer the most sound attenuation.

Disposable sleep ear plugs. Typically made of a soft foam material for comfort. They are only meant to be used one or two times at most before a new pair is needed.

Moldable earplugs. A great alternative solution for when you can’t get a comfortable fit with a traditional earplug and you don’t like the way the foam feels in the ear. These are made of a wax or silicone material and are molded into the bowl of the ear by the wearer.

Reusable sleep ear plugs. Typically made of a soft silicone or plastic material. They are generally more durable and can be reused for several night’s sleep.

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