How Do Adjustable Beds Benefit Your Health?

If you know how important a comfortable night sleep is, and are looking for the best way to ensure that you sleep well, then you should consider getting an adjustable bed. Such electric bed frame does not only help you sleep comfortably, but it also have a lot of health benefits. Therefore, if you are still skeptical about the getting yourself one because of comfort, then perhaps, you would consider it because of its benefits to your health. Let’s check out these ten benefits of using an adjustable bed frame. 

Adjustable beds treat swelling

Some people experience swelling as a result of fluid retention in their body. To tackle this problem, they have to change their sleeping condition to one where they sleep on elevated surfaces. This swelling referred to as Edema, is when fluid gets accumulated between soft tissue and cells. This is a disease symptom that can lead to more severe health concerns. Many doctors recommend adjustable beds to people suffering from Edema so that they can sleep with their legs raised high above their heart levels.

Adjustable beds help reduce joint and ligament pain

Over than 300 million people around the world are living with one form of arthritis or the other. Adjustable beds bring temporary relief to people who have arthritis by alleviating the pressure on the joints. Arthritis is when the joints are inflamed which leads to pressure and tenderness of the joints. With the pressure of daily activities adding to arthritis, the condition only worsens. Electric bed frames can be adjusted into different ergonomic positions which makes getting into bed and getting out of bed easier, thereby reducing the pressure on the joints.

Adjustable beds help reduce back pain

Back pain is a common problem in many people, and it occurs when the spine does not get the right support or pressure is not properly dispersed through the back. This leads to pressure on one part of the back, the sciatic nerve. Back pain is also common in old people because as a person grows older, loss of fluid happens and the spinal disks get thinner. This reduces the level of cushion on the vertebrae. With adjustable bed frames, however, you can take reduce some of the pressure on your spine. Many of new models also have zero-gravity positions which help reduce the pressure on the spine as you sleep.

Also, your issue may be a pain in your upper back which may be caused by neck compression or sleeping in a bent position. You feel this pain when you wake up, but with an electric bed frame, you can tackle this head-on.

Adjustable beds help improve symptoms of sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea affects your breathing for short intervals through the duration of your sleep. The number of adults who have this condition is above 25 million according to the statistics from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine​. Sleep apnea is caused by changes in the muscle, blocked airways, wrong positioning of the tongue during sleep are some of the factors that cause sleep apnea. You should also note that sleep apnea, if untreated, increases the risk of an individual suffering from heart diseases. But of course, with the help of adjustable beds, sleeping in an elevated position can help deal with this problem. This will free up your air passageways and ensure that blood is flowing to all your organs.

Adjustable beds reduce asthma flare-ups

Sleeping in an elevated position helps reduce postnasal and nasal drip. Nasal drip secretions can drop into breathing passages and make breathing more difficult and post nasal drip causes the accumulation of mucus in the chest which makes asthma worse. These lead to wheezing and coughing throughout the night thus, making the asthmatic patient unable to sleep. With an electric bed frame, you can raise the head and sleep in a better position that will keep your airways free.

Adjustable beds ensure a freer flow of blood in the body

For full functioning of the body, the heart has to pump oxygen-rich blood regularly and circulate it around the body. This can be difficult when sleeping on flat surfaces, especially for those suffering from heart-related diseases. An elevated bed helps make the heart’s job a lot easier.

If you usually experience swollen legs whenever you wake up, changing your sleep position into one where your legs are raised helps ensure blood flow to them which reduces the swelling. Improved blood circulation also tackles blood pressure issues and diabetes.

Adjustable beds are all-around comfortable

How comfortable your night’s sleep is, comes down to how comfortable your sleeping conditions are. Even though adjustable beds can be used like traditional flat beds, you still have the option to move them into any angle or position you like. You can move them into a position that takes pressure off your back or one that allows you to read comfortably. You can also adjust to a position that lets you watch TV comfortably with your legs raised.

Adjustable beds improve accessibility

For people with difficulty in moving and have to spend long periods in bed, adjustable beds are suitable for them. For example, people who cannot walk, heavily pregnant women, post-partum mothers, and older adults. Such bed frames allow these people to carry out a lot of tasks right from the bed such as eating, writing, folding clothes and playing the guitar while still offering them the right back and neck support.

Adjustable beds help with digestion

If you are the type who eats late or close to your bedtime, adjustable beds can help your food digest more easily. Lying on a flat-bed after eating is not healthy and can lead to indigestion and heartburn. But with an electric bed, you can lie down in an elevated position and reduce the possibility of acid reflux.

Adjustable beds help relationships

If your sleeping pattern or preference is different from that of your partner, either of you can make adjustments to their side of the bed to suit their preferred sleeping positions. One person does not have to disturb the other or make the other person compromise on what makes them comfortable for the comfort of the other person. Couples can get special models that each of the sides can be adjusted independently without affecting the other side.

Adjustable beds help pregnant women sleep more comfortably

Sleeping with pregnancy can be a tough task as it can be hard to find a position that is truly comfortable. Even pregnancy pillows fail to work like they are supposed to sometimes. Adjustable beds allow pregnant women to adjust their sleeping positions without adding pressure to their backs.

Do adjustable beds have any damaging effects on mattresses?

You have heard and seen so many ads for such bed frames, and you are finally ready to get one but stories from some quarters are discouraging you. Talks like, “adjustable beds will shred your mattress into pieces.” You do not have to pull out straightway because it is not that grim. All you need is to make sure your mattress will work well with an electric base. Continue reading to know more on this topic.

Do mattresses get damaged by adjustable beds?

This question is relative, and the answer depends on what type of mattress you have and what type of an electric base you are about to buy. Honestly, some mattresses will never work with them so to know if buying an adjustable base will damage your mattress, examine and check your mattress well.

Alternatively, if you know enough about such beds, then you will see that they come in different variants. Some are simpler than the others while some have complex setups. Some are sturdier than others while some are more flexible and work with different types of mattresses. Some other models are rigid and will only work with a specific type of mattress.

So, the answer to the topic question is not a straightforward one, but if you have a mattress that works with your base, the only damages that the mattress will have to endure are the normal wear and tear that take place over time. If your mattress, however, does not suit the base, the mattress will get strained and damages within a short time. We hope this clears up your dilemma about how long your mattress might last when you use with an adjustable base. If you want your electric frame to last long, ensure you use your base with an appropriate mattress.

What are the necessary qualities of an adjustable bed mattress?

An ideal mattress should satisfy two conditions – flexibility and size (weight).

In simpler terms, the mattress you would be using with your adjustable base should be flexible. The base is made of different moving parts, and the mattress should fit the base perfectly. If you are considering a rigid mattress, it is better if you do not. Rigid mattresses tend to wear out more quickly when used with an electric base. They never fit it properly, and they cannot withstand the continuous changes that the base will be bringing to the shape of the mattress. Rigid mattresses are just unable to withstand the stress that flexible mattresses would.

The size and weight of the mattress is another quality that you must look at. Adjustable beds are complex systems as they have a lot of movable parts, joints, and electric motors. The best mattress for it should not be heavy. A heavy mattress will put too much strain on the base, and this reduces the lifespan of the entire system. Therefore, while you are thinking of buying the best mattress, you should be thinking of how the mattress you buy will help you take care of your electric bed.

Concerning the size of your mattress, make sure the mattress fits the base perfectly, that is, a tight fit. If it is too small or too big, the mattress will not last long. So, make sure you purchase a mattress that is just the right fit.

The Best Types of Mattresses for Adjustable Bases

Memory Foam Mattress

This is the most flexible mattress of all types of mattresses, and it always makes a perfect fit for adjustable bases. Memory foams are popular for being able to contour with the body, and this same characteristic is replicated with electric frames. They are flexible, they easily form the shape of your base and remain comfortable to sleep on despite all the features.

Latex Mattress

The latex mattress is also made of 100% foam and of course, will work quite well with adjustable beds. They are, however, less flexible compared to memory foams and sleeping in each of them feels different. To enjoy using latex mattress with such a base, consider buying a thin latex mattress. Thin latex mattresses adapt more easily to your electric bed thereby fixing the issue of buoyancy.

Many people have made mistakes in their choice of mattresses and adjustable bases, and these are the people who may be peddling rumors that they damage mattresses. Do not listen to them and do not worry yourself over this. If you want an adjustable bed, you will find a model that suits your expectations and a mattress that is compatible with it.

How do adjustable bed bases work?

Before buying a mattress for your electric bed, it is probably a good idea to know how they work and to see if this base is right for your mattress because these factors will determine how long-lasting your new bed would be in the long run. So, to know how adjustable bed bases work, continue to read.

The Base Itself

An adjustable bed frame is a bed system that allows users to adjust parts of the bed to suit their needs. To make this possible, makers of such bases build them differently with more components than you would find in regular bases. In other words, they come with many parts. An adjustable bed has two basic parts which are the joints and the sleeping surface. The base is put together by using joints to connect different movable sleeping surfaces. All of the components must be indeed adjustable, and these adjustments are made at the joints of the base. The joints also rotate through certain degrees depending on the angle of inclination the user needs to sleep comfortably.

The Electrical Component

The electrical components of an electric base help make movement possible. These days, we have new models that work with electric motors that make movement possible at the joints. We have twin-drive motors and triple-drive motors in an adjustable frame which are hidden out of sight. Although these motors are not exactly large-sized, they are powerful enough to move all of the parts up, down and into tilting or slanting positions.

Electrical motors are durable, and they hardly fail. They have been built for constant use, and they are most times long-lasting.

The Remote Control

Most modern models work with remote control. With remote control, you can adjust the position of your bed with only a few buttons. Motorized adjustments also make it easy to manipulate the bed’s position easily. There are two types of remote controllers for such bases, and each of them has its benefits. They are the wired and wireless controls.

For wired remote controllers, you can never have problems with signal reception because it is connected to the bed. Also, because of the wire, the remote cannot get lost or misplaced. A wireless remote controller on the other end allows you to control your electric frame from a distance. Therefore, before lying on it, you can operate the bed and position it to your desired angle of inclination. 

The bottom line for two types of controllers is that they are both same and offer the same functions. With the press of buttons, you can adjust your bed’s base to your preferred position.

How long-lasting are adjustable beds?

More often, it is easier to find the best adjustable mattress than finding the best and a suitable electric base for your mattress. When shopping for the best adjustable beds and keeping all other factors constant, you also need to consider the longevity or the how long adjustable bed bases last. Below are some factors that may determine how long your electric frame lasts.

How Sturdy is the Construction?

The construction of an adjustable bed base is everything when looking at how long it will last. Although there are many other things to consider, the structure is the most important. If the frame does not look sturdy, you probably should walk away.

Your adjustable base must be able to provide support to both the mattress you are putting on it and the person sleeping on the bed. You can also check for sturdiness at the joints of the base where the position adjustments take effect. The joints must be well-fastened and be made to last. Before making an electric base purchase, you should have tried out different sleeping positions on the bed, and the bed must have supported all of these positions. This is why you have to look at the material the product is made from so you can estimate how long it will serve you.

Electrical Components of Adjustable Bases

There was a time that all adjustable bases were manual, but these days we now have electric options. Then there was no problem of components malfunctioning. The users of such frames adjusted them by themselves. But these days, technology has changed how everything is, and new models now come equipped with motors that allow the adjustment of the bed into different positions. This makes it easier to use the frame but also gives room for more things to get spoilt. These bases with electrical components also come with added features like massaging, USB outlets, bed lights and remote control. Although the presence of all of these features means you may have to spend a lot more when purchasing your adjustable bed.

As mentioned earlier that more electrical components can make your electric frame get damaged more easily and frequently, this does not have to be the discouraging factor for you. It is not that bad as even though a motor can break in the bed, it is not something that is going to keep happening every day. This is not enough reason to deny yourself of some perks that come with modern technology. What you should do instead, is to find out about the manufacturer of all the components before making your purchase. Research the company, check reviews on the internet to see how reliably they have served previous buyers. Also, make sure the product comes with a warranty that covers all of the bed’s components so that if any of them breaks down at some point, you will not be scorched.

Circulation of Air

Considering the subject topic, air circulation does not look like something that matters when determining how long your base will last. It is, however, a key factor in the medical benefit of your adjustable bed. You do not only need a sturdy product or one that lasts long, but you also need one that can offer health benefits for a long time.

An adjustable bed with top-notch air circulation will be devoid of mold growth. Such bases are used to improve sleeping conditions which are not only limited to alleviating back and joint pains; they also include acid reflux, sleep apnea, and snoring. Molds can worsen any of these conditions, but with efficient air circulation, you can mitigate this problem. This is how air circulation is an essential factor in the longevity of an electric frame. If customers cannot continue to reap the full benefits of buying such bed for as long as they use it, then it is not a long-lasting one.

Therefore, look beyond electrical components and construction when examining an adjustable frame. Think about every aspect of your health. You should leave nothing out.

Should my partner and I buy a Split-King mattress with an adjustable base bed?

The king-size adjustable mattress is literally king and will continue to be the top choice of many people, especially couples and those who like to have their own bed space without sharing with anybody. With the split-king mattress and electric base, couples can each have their sides to themselves and adjust as they wish without disturbing their partner.

As far as relationships are concerned, the golden rule of attraction is that “Opposites attract,” and for some couples, their sleeping preferences are opposite as well. If such a couple uses an adjustable frame, they may end up having issues from time to time when one person wants to raise the bed, and the other is not interested.

A split-king mattress with such a base solves this problem and makes it possible for couples to sleep peacefully without stressing each other.

Get a practical bed that eases your romance.

A split-king mattress with an electric frame is a bed system that consists of two twin extra-large beds. It is designed for couples who want to sleep together but have different sleeping preferences. Each person can adjust their side of the base without disturbing the other person.

Benefits to the Health

As we grow older, we become naturally fussier with our partners, so tolerance levels begin to reduce. Trivial things that would typically not be an issue will start becoming issues. Sleeping position and sleeping arrangements become things that the other person may not be able to put up with anymore. Because of the tension that comes with the arguments, split-king mattresses have come to the rescue.

For instance, if a partner is suffering from back pain, they will not have to make their partner sleep with the bed raised. With split king-size mattresses, they can both sleep the way they want without affecting each other.

Reduced Sleep Disturbances

There will be nights that you have nowhere to go the next morning. You may decide to stay up late to read or work on your computer. If you have your side to yourself, you can do all that you have to do, sleep later and wake up whenever you want to wake up the next morning. But in a situation where you and your partner share the same bed, the following morning when they are preparing to go to work, you will have to get up too to show them some support. Often, couples who share a bed are more sleep-deprived than those who sleep separately. With split king-size mattress with an electric base, you get to sleep with your partner and still enjoy some comfortable sleep.

A split king-size mattress helps you stay close to the person you love while maintaining your personal space in the process.

What are the things to consider when Buying an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds have gone beyond only medical use these days. They have become regular and more common in the home setting. Their prices have reduced, there are more options to choose from, they now have new features, and they come in new designs. The aesthetics of such bases have been improved, so they no longer look like hospital beds.

There are different designs of electric frames, but one thing is common to all of them - they allow the person using them to raise either their legs or upper body. This adjustable positioning can help in alleviating back and joint pains by taking off some pressure from these parts of the body.

Adjustable Bed Base.

The base of an adjustable bed is a separate entity from the bed itself. Some companies sell the whole unit, but in some cases, you have to buy the base separately on your own.

Features of Adjustable Beds

Different adjustable beds come with various features. Some use a remote control to raise or lower the parts of the bed that need adjustment. Generally, the more options a product offers, the more expensive it will be and the more things that could break or malfunction.

Here are some of the available features in adjustable beds;

  • Massage option that can also provide foot massage and works as an alarm clock.
  • Adjustable firmness for the lumbar area.
  • A timer that automatically returns the frame to the normal position after the person in it has fallen asleep.

Such beds come in different sizes such as single, king-size, queen-size, split king-size and split queen-sized beds. Split king and queen-sized beds allow either side of the base incline independently without affecting each other.

More things to consider in an adjustable bed.

Many individuals have never used electric frames before, so it is a new experience for them. Here are a few things to consider;

  • For people who are sharing their bed with someone else, the sound of the adjustment motor may be too loud at times which may wake the other person from sleep. Though, some brands are putting out beds with quieter motors.
  • Buy a base that you can test. A good idea is to buy from a store that offers a free trial and a 30-day risk-free exchange policy. This will give you adequate time to test the product and see if your body has adapted to this new sleeping surface.
  • Adjustable frames are usually heavy and can make moving the bed a little bit of hard work.
  • Electric beds are costly and have a lot of moving parts. This is why you have to check out the seller’s warranty and return policies. Some buyers do not offer a warranty on all the parts of the bed. Sellers online usually ask the buyer to pay for shipping in case the customer wants to return the bed.
  • Check out the features that you really need: The more features a product has, the more expensive the frame is. It is unnecessary spending so much on such a bed because of the features it has when you know that you may not need them. Some of the features may include massage, warranty length, ability to lower or raise one side of the bed independently, etc. If you know you will not need them, you do not need to spend too much money buying a product that is expensive because it has those features.

Assisting you with the purchase price.

Having different options can help you avoid spending money on purchasing an electric frame. Here are some of them;

  • Some people are not sure that they want to buy such a bed. These people can choose to rent one, so they can try it out and decide if they will buy or not.
  • Some health insurance providers offer policies that cover adjustable bases and consider them as a medical device. All you need to have is a prescription from a physician.
  • In some locations, once you have your doctor’s prescription indicating that you need an electric frame, you will not bear any tax on the sale.

Instead of adjustable beds, you can use pillows to give your back the inclination it needs. Use a pillow beneath the knees so that your body, back, and joints can remain in a comfortable propped up position.

In conclusion, when deciding on buying an adjustable bed, you have to put the personal choice and preference of the patient first. Whether you buy it or not, make sure you work with the patient in choosing something that makes them comfortable and does not aggravate their pains.

How does Adjustable Bed work for Back Pain?

For a person who has chronic back pain or recently underwent back surgery, getting a night of good sleep or at any other time may be difficult. Also, some people find it hard to sleep on flat mattresses because they end up being unable to sleep comfortably. For people like these, electric bases may be worth considering.

Such frames has the feature that allows you to lie down with your upper body resting at an inclination angle. This angle depends on how comfortable it is for you; it may be at 30 degrees or 45 degrees. If lying down flat is uncomfortable for you but lying in an inclined position makes you feel better, then an adjustable bed is for you. People suffering from neck pain, joint pain, back pain usually feel more comfortable when they lie down with a part of their body such as their upper body elevated. In this article, we will be checking out a few examples of back conditions and how being in an inclined position in an electric bed can alleviate the pain the patient is feeling.

Back Conditions that an Adjustable Bed can help fix.

Some people have back conditions that make sleeping in an inclined position uncomfortable. Let’s check them out below;

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

This condition makes it impossible to sleep straight. The pain is felt most in the lower part of the back, and this is why people who have this condition prefer sleeping while recliner with support under their knees to reduce the discomfort.


Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the spine or a facet joint. It causes sore and fitness in the back or facet joint. An adjustable base may be able to offer better support and reduce the level of irritation by making the joint feel less compressed.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis affects the lumbar spine, and people with this condition usually feel more comfortable with bending forward than standing. So, anything that will make them stretch or strain their backs is a no for them. They feel more comfortable sleeping in a reclining position than sleep straight, and the only way to sleep in a reclining position is to sleep on an electric bed.

For some people, surgery in the back or neck comes with severe complications for them. These complications make it almost impossible to sleep comfortably on flat mattresses; thus, some of them go for adjustable frames.

Personal Choice

When picking a mattress or bed type for a patient who has a back condition or just underwent surgery, their personal choice and preference supersede all recommendations. If a patient feels comfortable and enjoys a better sleep with an electric base, then that is what they should use. For some, they feel comfortable with other types of bed. The bottom line here is that there is no one-type-fits-all type of bed. The bed that makes the patient comfortable without pain is what they should use.


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