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A meditation pillow can take your meditation to the next level. Of course, you can meditate without it or even without any bedding material. But a lot of people have come to value what meditation pillows have to offer, and they now know the difference between meditating with this kind of a cushion and meditation without one. A meditation pillow has a lot to offer your meditation practice mentally and physically. It could even boost your energy levels. This kind of pads are strictly for meditation and anytime you bring your pillow out to meditate, your brain gets settled down mentally and it prepares for a new meditation session.   

There are several factors to watch out for when selecting a meditation pillow. One of the most important factors is the color. A one pillow should remind you of the sky or the earth. So, it is best that you have a meditation pillow that reminds you of things like the blueness of the sky, the rich brown earth, redness of mud, turquoise tones of the sky, pink and red hues of the desert or sunset and other natural things. When you have nature in your awareness, it becomes easier for you to meditate even when you are indoors and not physically close to natural elements. Another important factor to look out for is the material used to make the meditation pillow or cushion. A lot of meditation pillows are made with woven wool and buckwheat hull to give one a desired earthly element. 

You might not know the importance of having a meditation cushion until you use one. But many yogis are accustomed to one, and they can’t meditate without a meditation pad. The major reason for the use of a meditation pillow is how comfortable it is. Meditation pillows are much more comfortable than other pillows. They help you maintain a good, natural posture that is good for your bones, muscles and overall body. The ankles, knees, and spine feel a lot of pressure when you spend time meditating on hard floors. It doesn't make sense for you to lose concentration during an intense meditation session because you are uncomfortable. 

Meditation pillows are not only suitable for indoor positions. They can also be used outdoors. They can be used as a prop for various yoga positions.

Here are some of the best meditation pillows you can buy today. 

The Best Meditation Pillows

1. ​Aozora Zafu Meditation Pillow

2. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

3. Bean Products Zafu Meditation Pillow

4. REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow

5. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow

6. Bean Products Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

7. myZENhome Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation Cushion

8. Alexia Meditation Seat

Top Meditation Pillows And Yoga Products Options

Meditation Pillows Reviews

1. Aozora Zafu Meditation Pillow

Aozora Meditation Pillow Review by

Product Details

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 77% 

Measurements: 6" diameter × 4.5" tall

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Product Analysis

The Aozora Zafu meditation pillow is one of the most basic meditation pillows you can find in the market. It has a rounded shape with a height of about 4.5 inches and a diameter of 16 inches. The pillow comes available in several patterns and colors. It also comes with a removable full zip cotton cover. The cotton cover can be washed in a washing machine if you wish. The meditation pillow can be inflated, so it is easy for you to carry about in a flat state. It is easy to wash and easy to use. You also get a free hand pump for inflating and deflating the pillow. The fabric used is strong, and it does not slip on marble floors and floor tiles. 

This meditation pillow is available in different patterns and colors. With the free hand pump and the affordable price tag, it is a good deal. You can start with this meditation pillow.

Customer Feedback About The Aozora Zafu Meditation Pillow


It comes at a good price range 

It is available in various patterns and colors

It comes with a free hand pump 

It is portable as you can deflate it before carrying it around 

It is nicely-sized


Air filled meditation pillows are not as comfortable as solid filled ones in most cases 

The regular inflation and deflation of the meditation pillow will not make it last long as the air sealing and valve will give away with regular wear and tear  

2. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

Price: $49.69

Brentwood Home Meditation Pillow Review by

Product Details

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 93% 

Measurements: 18 x 13 x 6 inches

Weight: 6.77 pounds

Product Analysis

The Brentwood Home Crystal Cove meditation pillow is an oval-shaped pillow that is astonishingly comfortable to use. It has a broad design that caters to anyone no matter their body size. It is as tall as 6 inches, so you can perfectly align your spine with it for maximum comfort. It is made with a certified organic material with an inner liner that holds the buckwheat filling. The amount of buckwheat filling can be changed. So, you can add more buckwheat filling for a softer meditation pillow or remove some buckwheat filling for a firmer touch. The removal or addition of the buckwheat filling also makes it possible to adjust the height of the pillow. So, there is no fixed height. The pillow looks good as it comes with a wave stitch design. 

Customer Feedback About The Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow


It has a wide size that makes it usable by anyone regardless of their body size 

The height of the pillow can be adjusted as needed thanks to the adjustable buckwheat filling

The pillow comes in an attractive wave stitch design 

The pillow has a strong handle that makes it easy to carry 


You can’t make the pillow contour to some body shapes without removing some of the buckwheat fillings

3. Bean Products Zafu Meditation Pillow

Price: $21.95

Bean Products Meditation Pillow Review by

Product Details

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 88% 

Measurements: 14" diameter. x 6" tall

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Product Analysis

The Bean Products Zafu Meditation Pillow is a buckwheat-filled meditation pillow. So, you don’t need to inflate or deflate it. Bean Products have been making meditation and yoga props for over three decades so you can trust them to bring their wealth of experience into play here. The pillow comes in a good size, but you can also buy it in size XL if you wish. It has a height of about 6 inches and a diameter of 14 to 18 inches. It is a very broad meditation pillow that has a lot of cushions. You can empty the buckwheat filling of the pillow to refill it or clean it. This makes it a durable pillow that is easy to maintain. 

It is very comfortable and even more comfortable than some air-filled pillows. If you live in a dry environment, this pillow is good for you. But, it isn’t recommendable for those that live in humid areas. 

Customer Feedback About The Bean Products Zafu Meditation Pillow


It has a nice design with beautiful yoga patterns

The meditation pillow is available in about 42 different patterns giving you much options 

You don’t need to inflate or deflate the pillow as it uses buckwheat fillings

You can refill the pillow with buckwheat fillings as you wish 


You might get some buckwheat dust on the floor 

Buckwheat material makes the pillow prone damage by bugs and mites

4. REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow

Price: $19.99

REEHUT Meditation Pillow Review by

Product Details

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 91% 

Measurements: 12" diameter × 4.5" tall

Product Analysis

The REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow is a very durable and long-lasting pillow by REEHUT. The cushion of the pillow can be easily removed from inside to wash the exterior case whenever it becomes dirty. The cushion is portable enough to be carried anywhere and yet tall enough for comfort. The pillow uses organic buckwheat with an organic cover. It comes with a YKK handle and zipper to make it easy to carry.  The REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow comes in three different sizes for different body sizes. So, you will likely find something that will align with your body and back to reduce muscle strains and ensure maximum comfortability during meditation sessions of any length.

Customer Feedback About The REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow


It is a good quality product that offers maximum comfort during meditation sessions

It is made with organic materials 

There is an attached handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere 

The zipper is not exposed 


It comes in three sizes which could make it difficult to make a choice 

5. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow

Price: $29.99

Peace Yoga Meditation Pillow Review by

Product Details

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 96% 

Measurements: 13 x 13 x 4.5 inches

Weight: 4.6 pounds

Product Analysis

The Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion is a pillow that is buckwheat filled. It is a large pillow that can work for various meditation and yoga postures. The cover of the pillow has a zipper, so it is easy to open, clean and refill the pillow. The pillow comes in various shapes, and it comes in a sturdy shape.     

Customer Feedback About The Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Pillow


It has a crescent shape at provides optimal support for various postures  

It can be used as a cushion, pillow or leg support for various postures 


It uses Buckwheat filling which is susceptible to damage by mites 

Other Good Yoga Products Reviews

1. Bean Products Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

Bean Products Meditation Cusion Set Review by

Product Details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 87% 

Measurements: 18 inches Zafu + Zabuton

Product Analysis

The Bean Products Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set is a nice high-quality meditation pillow. It is made with comfortable, eco-friendly materials that align well with the spine and hips for meditation. The pillow cover can be easily washed by a washing machine, but the stuffing needs to be removed before washing it. The carrying handle and the zippered opening of the Zafu and Zabuton meditation pillow make it easy to carry. It is hand-tufted for an attractive finishing. 

Customer Feedback About The Bean Products Meditation Cushion Set


It is made with comfortable materials 

It comes in various colors 

It is available in different shapes and sizes 


It is not easy to carry the pillow around 

The pillow is quite stiff 

2. myZENhome Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation Cushion

Price: $58.99

myZENhome Meditation Pillow Review by

Product Details

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 87% 

Measurements: 21 x 20 x 8 inches

Weight: 4.8 pounds

Product Analysis

The myZENhome Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation Cushion is a good meditation cushion for active mediators. The pillow is firm but comfortable providing the right support for users. The pillow is very durable and versatile so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is available in bright and refreshing colors. With the top cushion, you can remain comfortable during your meditation session. The meditation pillow can be folded back to create a flat surface for sitting on or laying on if you want to switch-up. 

Customer Feedback About The myZENhome Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation Cushion


It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

It is hypoallergenic perfect for those that experience allergies

The sitting height can be adjusted

It provides great support for the lower back 


The color options are limited 

3. Alexia Meditation Seat

Price: Out of stock

Alexia Meditation Seat Review by

Product Details

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 100% 

Measurements: 26 x 32 x 11 inches

Weight: 15 pounds

Product Analysis

The Alexia Meditation Seat is a very expensive meditation seat. It is different from every other product on this list because it is not a cushion or pillow like the others. It is a complete ergonomic meditation seat with back support and feet support for those that want to meditate while seating. The Alexia Meditation Seat is a premium meditation seat that provides perfect comfort and support. 

If you suffer from back pain, this meditation seat is worth the steep price. It is also perfect for those that meditate for lengthy periods. It is worth the investment if you feel the need for it. 

Customer Feedback About The Alexia Meditation Seat


It has a premium build that makes it worth the price 

It has a nice ergonomic design 

It has good arm supports and back supports 


It is very expensive 

Why Are Meditation Pillows Needed? 

Today, we have a more sedentary lifestyle as we seat and work at desks for long periods of time. Sitting on hard floors and bare floors can harm our spine and make our body weak. We also experience injury, sprain and long-lasting pain instead of the benefits that we desire from meditation. But when we sit on a soft cushion, we get the right support for the right posture. This way, we can meditate for longer without pain, discomfort, and injury. Your meditation will become enjoyable, and you will look forward to your meditation sessions.      

A lot of people meditate on floor rugs and blankets. But these are wrong materials to use for meditation as you may not get a cushioned surface with them. A rug is not entirely soft, and a folded blanket can’t give you the right posture. You need a meditation pillow to get the right posture. Also, you need to consider portability. Floor rugs and blankets are not portable. You can only get the right level of portability and comfort from meditation pillows and cushions. Plus, you get the added advantage of people asking you where you bought your lovely meditation cushions and you can network with various people through that. 

How to Select a Meditation Pillow


Portability is an important factor especially for those that carry their meditation pillows to various places. If you travel a lot, it’s advisable that you buy an inflatable meditation pillow. Zafu-style meditation pillows have a sewn-in fabric that makes it easy to move it from one room to another or carry them to classes. Meditation benches are light, but they are not as convenient as inflatable cushions or zafu-style cushions as they do not come with handles for carrying them. 

The frequency of use and duration of use

You need to consider how often you meditate and your average meditation length before selecting a meditation pillow. If you rarely meditate, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a meditation seat. A meditation bench or a zafu cushion is okay for you. But if you meditate a lot and for long sessions, an ergonomically designed meditation seat is good for you. This will ensure maximum comfortability for you. 

If you are committing to a lifetime of meditation, then you need a durable meditation seat that will last you for years. There is no point in buying something that won’t last for a long time. 

Size of seats    

If you go for a meditation seat, you need to consider where the meditation seat will be stored in your home. You can decide to make it a permanent fixture in your home or store it when you do not need it. If you decide to make it a permanent furniture, you must consider the seat size and how well it will fit. Check the dimensions of the product before making your purchase. 

Seat Cover


Cotton is a nice breathable and soft material.  It is also flexible and washable. It is resistant to abrasion when used frequently and also resistant to UV exposure. Hemp is also hypoallergenic. But cotton retains moisture and is also susceptible to mildew especially in humid climates. Also, cotton that is untreated is flammable. 


Hemp is an eco-friendly, renewable, natural material. It is durable and easy to wash. It is also resistant to mildew and damage by UV. Hemp is a lightweight material that gets softer as one uses it. But hemp can have holes after using it for some time. Hemp is also scratchy for those that have sensitive skin. If you wear clothing that leaves your legs exposed, the hemp material might cause your legs to itch you. 


Leather is a very durable material that can last as long as ten to fifteen years. It is cool on the skin, and it is resistant to mildew and stains. It is easier to spot clean leather, but it requires more care than others to prevent aging. Leather is quite sticky especially in warm weather, and it could be more slippery than fabrics. 


Buckwheat Hull

Buckwheat hull has a clean, natural scent. Buckwheat hull is firm and provides good support. It circulates air nicely, and it does not retain moisture. It is durable and last for about a decade when taking care of properly. Buckwheat hull is eco-friendly. But buckwheat hull may feel hard for those whose buttocks have less natural cushioning. Also, when positions are being adjusted, buckwheat hull makes a crunching sound. Also, buckwheat hull is susceptible to bugs. 


Kapok is a traditional filling that has been used for over a thousand years. It has a cotton-like feel that makes it softer than buckwheat. Kapok can be flattened with use, but it can be fluffed to ensure that its thickness is retained. Kapok is also more lightweight than buckwheat hull. But it isn’t easy to adjust the height of kapok. And it becomes uneven and lumpy with time. Also, kapok may be too firm which might cause a sensation of slipping off the cushion. 

Types of Meditation Technique 

You need to get a good meditation technique to get the best use from your meditation pillow. Here are seven meditation techniques: 

Progressive relaxation and body scan: This positioning starts from the feet, and it is used to relax the muscles and calm tenseness in the body. 

Breathe awareness: Breathe awareness involves deep, slow breathing. When you practice this, you focus on nothing more than breathing. 

Loving-kindness meditation: This kind of meditation is also called Metta meditation. It involves breathing deeply and opening the mind to receive loving kindness. Loving-kindness meditation is good for those that are experiencing interpersonal conflict, resentment, frustration, and anger.

Mindfulness meditation: Mindfulness meditation is good for improving awareness by practicing breathing techniques that will draw attention to areas of the body that are tense. Mindfulness meditation is good for improving memory, focus, blocking negative emotions and nurturing good emotional relationships and reaction. 

Zen meditation: Zen meditation involves the finding of comfortable positions, focusing on breathing techniques and the observation of thoughts without judging the thoughts. 

Kundalini yoga: Kundalini yoga involves a combination of both meditative mantras and deep breathing. Kundalini yoga is used to improve mental health, relieve back pain and increase energy. 

Transcendental meditation: Transcendental meditation is a spiritual form of meditation that involves seating down and breathing slowly. When you practice transcendental meditation, you feel a sense of rising. It helps you by increasing your spirituality and heightening your mindfulness. 

Meditation for Beginners

There are basic principles for positioning yourself accurately regardless of the meditation posture that you go for. 

Stretch your head upwards towards the ceiling and pull your chin back. 

Keep your tongue rested against your palate and keep your mouth closed. 

Relax your shoulders for better breathing.  

Position your pelvis well to stop your spine from arching.


It is necessary to take your time before purchasing a meditation cushion. Evaluate the materials used, portability, seat size, and other things so you can make a good choice. There are several types of meditation seats available, so you will surely find something that meets your preferences and lifestyle. Protection Status 


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