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The Purple Pillow claims to be the first no-pressure bed for your head in the world. It makes use of a patented comfort grid system to cradle the head and neck no matter whether you sleep on your back or side, all without losing its shape.

Your head relaxes into the pillow and your spine stays comfortable all through the night. Not to mention you never have to worry about fluffing your pillow again. With the patented breathable design of the pillow, you should stay cool while sleeping and never wake up in a sweat again. 

The design of the Purple Pillow could definitely offer a unique sleeping surface to users. That’s not a guarantee that all of your pillow problems will be over though. To assess that for sure, we need to take a closer look at the pillow and how it works. 

Price: $99.00

General Information

Customer Satisfaction: 55% 

Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 8.4 x 6.9 inches

Item Weight: 10 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Purple Pillow Design 

The pillow measures in at 24”x16”x3” and it weighs just over 10 pounds. One of the reasons that it weighs this much is because of the patented hyper-elastic polymer that was used to make the triangular Smart Comfort Grid of the pillow. This grid establishes walls that support the head or fold away, depending on the pressure placed on it. 

The column design of the pillow is said to let air flow freely through the pillow to deliver a cool sleeping experience, especially compared to pillows made from memory foam. It also helps to prevent moisture from gathering and being trapped in the pillow and prevents the build-up of allergens. 

Together with the reinforced edges and the softer center, the Purple Pillow is able to provide optimal spinal support and alignment. It can be cleaned easily too. Just wash it in warm water using gentle dish soap and then let it air dry naturally. 

Purple Pillow Features 

The Purple Pillow comes to us from the people behind the Purple Mattress. It’s basically a pillow-sized version of the purple mattress complete with an airy filling. Here’s a look at the features of this pillow that have made it such a hit with consumers; 

Fantastic Neck Support

The pillow is designed to bridge the gap between your neck and bed, giving your neck and spine ideal alignment. This feature is made possible because the pillow is firmer at the edges, so it won’t move away from your neck, while still being soft at the center. 

That means that you rest your head on a comfy surface that keeps your neck and back where they should be, safe from being left in awkward and strenuous angles. 

By giving your neck this support, the pillow relieves plenty of pressure from the neck and head, reducing the overall tendency for neck and shoulder muscle spasms. 

Many people who have bought the pillow claim that it is among the best that they have ever used. Users with problems like arthritis and spinal issues say that the pillow relieved the pain associated with those conditions, not to mention the pain that comes from not getting enough sleep because of them. Some users have said that the pillow even improved their overall quality of sleep and left them feeling much more refreshed in the morning. 

Always Cool

Do you hate waking up hot and bothered in the middle of the night, and you have to flip the pillow over to use the cool side? Well, the people behind this pillow hate that too. That’s why their Purple Pillow never needs to be flipped on to the cool side, as the “cool side” is always the side that you’re sleeping on. 

This is achieved by the stuffing of the pillow being arranged in a grid. This grid system works similar to pores, allowing for the pillow to be far more breathable than the average pillow. 

The way the pillow is made allows for air to freely flow through it and move around your head. That means that the temperature remains balanced and stable across the night. 

The Purple Pillow eliminates the need to have to flip your pillow over to sleep on the cool side. The side that you are sleeping on is as cool as it can get, and so you should be able to sleep peacefully through the night. 

Adjustable Height

Something else to consider when trying to choose the best pillow for you is the pillow height. The right height can depend on how you sleep. High pillows are better for people who sleep on their back and side, while lower pillows are best for people who sleep on their stomach. 

This pillow can suit any sleeper. You might be wondering how this is possible given that pillows are made to certain sizes and heights. That’s because it comes with a “booster”. This is another cushion that is made from PVC and has a soft outer covering. 

The great thing is that the booster is an inflatable cushion, allowing you to adjust the pillow to the height you need it. Inflating it more means that the pillow is higher, while leaving it uninflated gives you a lower pillow. 

That means you don’t have to worry about the pillow being too high or low for you. Just adjust it until it’s the right height for your needs. This is truly a one-size-fits-all pillow. 

Never has to be Fluffed

Do you remember how you would have to fluff your pillow each night? How you would pat the sides, poke the center, and then fluff the edges? The Purple Pillow eliminates the need for any and all fluffing. The pillow is filled with a hyper elastic polymer, held in place in the form of a “smart comfort grid”. 

The main benefit of using this design approach is the pillow manages to hold its shape and doesn’t flatten out or lose any “oomph”. Despite how soft it is, the filling is still resilient enough to adapt to the size and shape of your head and cradle it in place. 

That means that your neck and head have the ultimate support they need all through the night, and that the pillow holds its shape until you’re ready for bed again the next evening. 

This is one of the most beloved feature of the Purple Pillow. There was one poor customer who had grown so attached to his pillow that he dreaded the thought of going camping without it. 

This is just one of the many reasons that your bed needs a purple pillow. Who wouldn’t love to have a pillow that never needs to be fluffed again?

A Soft and Lavish Cover

Pillows are something that you can, and should, judge on appearances. The outside of your pillow is as important to the overall quality as the inside; the filling. The best pillow cover is soft and smooth and made from quality fabric. It should also be durable while still being easy to wash. 

Not only is the interior of the Purple Pillow sophisticated in design, but so is the outside. The cover of this pillow is made from a combination of 55% polyester, 37% viscose from bamboo, and 8% spandex. 

The materials come together to provide a soft and plushy cover that is stretchy, breathable, and improves the flexibility of your Purple Pillow. In terms of appearances, the pillow cover is – surprisingly – white and not purple. It comes with a purple zipper though. 

This zipper lets you remove the filling from inside the pillow and wash the cover by itself. The cover is fully machine washable. Even better, the hyper elastic polymer inside it is completely waterproof and it too can be cleaned. 

This polymer can be washed and cleaned using warm water and mild soap – like a dish soap – to give you a completely clean pillow. 

The comfortable inner filling combined with the luxurious cover gives you a plush pillow that gives you a good nights’ sleep fit for a king. 

Comes with a Risk-Free Trial

The people behind the Purple Pillow are so sure that you will love their pillow that they guarantee it. Don’t worry about finding yourself trapped in a shady trial offer with plenty of fine print. 

What you get with this pillow is a no-pressure trial period of 100 days. You can use the pillow on a trial basis for 100 nights after purchasing it. If you aren’t satisfied with the pillow by the end of the 100 days, just send it back and get your money back without any fuss. 

The makers of the pillow make a “Purple Promise” that guarantees free shipping on purchased made from the contiguous United States. If you want to send the pillow back during the 100-day trial period, for any reason at all, then they will cover the cost of returning the pillow to them on top of your refund for the pillow itself. 

With this level of assurance, there’s no doubt that you’re getting a truly high quality product. 

Pros and Cons of the Purple Pillow

No matter how much tech goes into something like the Purple Pillow, there are bound to be some downsides. There are downsides to every product after all. With that said, here are the pros and cons of the Purple Pillow: 


  • Provides complete support for the neck and prevents soreness 
  • Hyper elastic polymer ensures the pillow retains its shape 
  • The polyer is also waterproof and can be washed using warm water
  • Machine-washable cover 
  • Resilient and adapts to the position of your head
  • Free US shipping
  • No-obligation 100-day trial 
  • Reasonable price 
  • High quality materials 
  • Stays cool through the night
  • Durable and resistant to breaking down


  • Feels heavy 
  • Some sleepers may find firm edges uncomfortable 
  • One size only 

Why Buy the Purple Pillow?

With all the different pillows available out there, with all their quirks and features, you may be wondering what sets this one out from the crowd. Well, the reason this pillow sticks out so much is that it offers resilience, complete support for your head and neck, durability, breathability, an adjustable height, an easily washed cover, and a complete no obligation 100-day trial period. 

It’s true that some customers feel that the pillow is a little heavy for them, given that it weighs in at around 10lbs. 

Certain reviewers have also said they found the firm edges of the pillow uncomfortable if your head moves too far away from the center of the pillow. 

These problems are trivial though and very rare to come across, especially when compared to all of the benefits the pillow offers when it comes to a better quality of sleep and an overall increase in comfort. There’s no reason to ever compromise on getting the sleep that you need. 

With all of the happy customers and positive reviews the Purple Pillow already has, we know that it’s proven to be a smash hit with customers; and we’re sure you’ll love it too. 

Who Should Get the Purple Pillow?

There’s no doubt the Purple Pillow is distinctive. It gives a different look, feel, and sleeping experience than pillows made with materials like latex, down, and memory foam. If you tried, and enjoyed, the Purple Mattress then that’s a good sign you’ll like the pillow just as much. However, you don’t have to be a fan of Purple to enjoy everything this pillow has to offer. We recommend that anyone who meets the following criteria check out the pillow for themselves; 

You want to try something new

Anyone that is bored of their pillow and having to fluff it should give the Purple Pillow with it’s hyper-elastic polymer and comfort grid system a try. 

You want a durable pillow

The pillow is built to stay durable for years and never be worn down. Even so, Purple will include a 1-year warranty with their pillow. Just for if something happens. 

You move a lot in the night

This is a pillow made to meet the needs of all sleepers. Those who sleep on their back can enjoy the soft middle of their pillow, while side sleepers can benefit from the higher edges and stomach sleepers can benefit from both. 

You want a pillow that stays cool

The Purple Pillow provides a temperature-neutral pillow made with a breathable cover fabric and a grid-like interior that allows air to flow through. The pillow isn’t really cooling you down. What it does is ensure you stay comfortable. 

Are There Other Gel Polymer Pillows on the Market?

We couldn’t find any other pillows that matched the design of the Purple Pillow. Rather, the only things that we could find that came close were pillows made from memory foam. They had shallow layers up top and used gel to stay cool. 

You need to ask yourself if the triangular columns of the pillow will prove to be more comfortable than the pillow you already have. We weren’t able to test this for ourselves, but we do know that there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” pillow. Everyone has their own individual preferences and needs, and there are several ways to address them. If you have trouble getting to sleep at night or have chronic pain though, then we recommend that you talk to your physician and get their advice when choosing a pillow. 

With all that said, we have gotten together with professionals and learned that you should start by choosing a pillow that is right for the way you like to sleep. 

Back sleepers, for example, might like a pillow that offers medium firmness, a squishy and fluffy feel, and some extra loft or height to the bottom that cradles their neck. A side sleeper though should consider a firm pillow with a center cavity design. Stomach sleepers should choose a thin and malleable pillow, or consider sleeping without one at all. 

What does any of that have to do with the Purple Pillow? We’ll get into that in our next section as we bring our article to a close. 

Purple Pillow FAQs

Do you have any questions about the Purple Pillow? We’ll take a look at the most common questions people have about the Purple Pillow. 

Can the cover be washed?

The covers of the Purple Pillow are completely 100% washable. Just unzip the cover and take the interior out – which itself can also be washed. 

How much does it weigh?

It weighs around 10lbs. 

How much weight does it support?

The Purple Pillow doesn’t really come with a weight limit. The average weight of the human head is around 10-12lbs though. 

How do I inflate it?

The Purple Pillow is sold with an inflatable booster. This booster is manually inflated with the valve on it, much like inflatable pool toys. 

Does the Purple Pillow contain any latex?

There is no latex at all used in the construction of the 100% latex-free Purple Pillow. 

Why is it so expensive?

The Purple Pillow is made from high quality materials. The Hyper Elastic Polymer used to make the pillow highly resistant to wear and tear, giving you a pillow that will last for years. 

How do I clean my Purple Pillow?

You can remove the outer cover of the pillow and then wash it. The instructions on how to do so are printed on to the tag. 

The Hyper Elastic Polymer is also completely waterproof and you can wash it with warm water and a mild soap. 

Why does it come with an air booster?

The air booster included with the Purple Pillow lets you inflate the pillow and adjust it to the height you need. That makes the pillow more comfortable and ensures you get something suited to your own individual needs. 


All in all, the Purple Pillow is an innovative creation, made from the finest quality materials and with revolutionary technology. The pillow has become popular with users thanks to being so comfortable, easy to use, providing great neck support, staying cool through the night, and being able to retain its shape. While the pillow may be a little heavy at times and some sleepers have trouble with the firm edges, the majority of customers love the Purple Pillow and can’t imagine sleeping without it. No matter whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or toss-and-turn a lot – this is a pillow that you can adjust to suit you. 

If you have a lot of neck and back pain from your pillow because it isn’t supporting you properly, then it’s time you gave the Purple Pillow a go. A good pillow is more than just a stuffed sack of cloth, it’s like a bed made just for your head. 

Why settle for anything less than the best – the Purple Pillow – when it can give you the best nights sleep you’ve ever had each and every night? Protection Status 


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