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What is a Water Pillow?

Most people have erroneous notions when they contemplate what a water pillow is about. The first thing that comes to mind is a pillow that is filled with water. While this idea of a pillow sounds very exciting, it is almost certain that this kind of pillow won't offer much comfort. In reality, water pillows are made from materials such as cotton, memory foam and polyester fiber. However, the distinction between a water pillow and the regular types of pillows is the fact that the water pillow has plenty of space that holds some water.    

Now that we have clarified the fundamental difference between the water pillow and conventional pillows in the market, the unanswered question remains; why are water pillows sought-after?  The answer to this line of inquiry is that unlike conventional pillows that may become compressed after a while, water pillows tend to retain their shape while adjusting the alignment of the body with remarkable precision. In simpler terms, water beds are designed to provide much more support to offer much more support to the neck and shoulders. 

Pouch Waterbase Pillows

One of the most pervasive and sought-after forms of water pillows that can be found in stores is the pouch water-base pillows.  This pillow is filled with a small bag of polyester water that is hidden under a very safe and user-friendly filling of polyester fiber. This pillow's level of softness or firmness can be adapted to meet your specifications by increasing or decreasing the water in the pillow. The small bag inside can be filled with water. Ultimately, while the level of comfort offered by this kind of pillow is identical with regular pillows, the underlying distinction is that one remains firm under the weight of the user while the other doesn't. Essentially, this makes waterbased pillows well adapted to offer support to the head and neck areas.    

Premium Quality Water Pillow by Mediflow

Price: $49.99

Mediflow Water Pillow Review by

Product Details

Customer satisfaction: 72% 

Measurements: 28 x 20 x 4.5 inches

Weight: 1.9 pounds

About Mediflow

This company offers the first water pillow ever! Mediflow water pillow is a pioneer in the market and they have an incontestable reputation as one of the best water pillow brands in the market. This company has been a dominant force in the water pillow area and they have dedicated the past two decades to ensure that the people get the best.  

Presently, this company has a customer base that exceeds five million.

Water Makes Sleep Much More Pleasurable 

Everyone was oblivious to the fact that water makes sleep much more pleasurable until mediflow stepped in. The innovative water-based pillow offered tremendous support and comfort to the neck, head, and body. This pillow adjusts with precision to the posture of your body while you are asleep. This fact has been scientifically verified. 

The Scientific Evidence 

While some might be under the misguided notion that mediflow water pillow is just another elaborate marketing propaganda, the reverse holds true. In actuality, the efficacy and claims of mediflow have been verified at john hopkins school of medicine with a stamp that reassures users of a pleasurable and therapeutic night sleep. 

Water Pillow is Very Comfy

While regular pillows are also comfortable, it is worth mentioning that water pillows are comfier and cozier than conventional pillows. The sac of water embedded in the inside is such that helps the pillow retain its shape and functionality of keeping your head and neck healthy.  

Alleviates Neck Aches 

Mediflow water pillow is known to deliver maximum support to the cervical area of the body in a  way that eliminates the risk of muscle tension. Essentially, the user is not at risk of pains no matter how much they turn at night. 

The way mediflow water pillow  functions:

One of the unique benefits of mediflow water pillow is the fact that it adjusts to the various movements of the head without human intervention. Depending on how much cushion you desire, you can regulate the extent of memory foam or down that is the outer part of the foam. At the core of the foam lies the sack of water which. You can regulate the water n this sack to meet your requirements as well. This can be done by increasing or decreasing the water. Once you are through with the process of adjusting your pillow to your desired level of firmness, all that is left is to relish the comfort that you pillow offers every night.      

Here is an Inclusive Assessment of This Product From Users

Sturdiness: the durability of this product is rated over 5 and scores 3 in the area of sturdiness. There have been a case of leakage, however, this accounts for very few cases. However, the water sack contained inside is known to give this pillow an incredible firmness and consistent shape for a very long time.     

Aches alleviation: there are about 30% of users that claim to endure very minimal aches when using this brand. Based on scientific evidence, this pillow is known to alleviate aches significantly while making users sleeping experience pleasurable. However, is a diminutive percentage of individual's that claim 

Balance: balance is one of the most important aspects of using a pillow and water pillow caters to this feature. This pillow is known to align well with the head neck and back while offering balance during movements. 

Self-adjustability: one of the upsides to this pillow is that it can self-adjust without human intervention. 

Alleviates snoring: owing to the fact that this pillow adjusts to ever motion made while asleep, it is able to offer enough support to the neck to prohibit snoring. 

The pillow remains firm: one of the amazing perks of this pillow is that fact that it doesn't create hollows. 

Adjustable elevation: in this regard, this brand of water pillow offers a whopping 3.5 score. Adjustable elevation refers to the extent to which the elevation of the pillow can be regulated. When there is no water in the sack, the pillow still has a significant level of elevation with 7% of users claiming it has too much elevation. 

The range of firmness: this water pillow comes with a 3.5 firmness score that can be regulated through two processes. Users can either add and reduce water from the pillow. 

Suitability for back sleepers: this pillow offers a 4 rating for back sleepers as only a diminutive fraction of users claim that this product is unsuitable for back sleepers. 

Suitability for side sleepers: in this regard, this product offers an impressive 4.5 rating as it is said to deliver maximum balance to users that sleep on their sides. 

Suitability for face sleepers: this product is not designed for people that sleep on their faces and comes with a significantly low rating of 0.5

Adaptability: this refers to how quickly users will get comfortable using this product. The adaptability range of this product is set at 3. Users are expected to become accustomed to the product quickly. 

Suitability for small stature: this product is well-tailored to adapt to small stature fairly well. With a 3.5 rating, people with small stature are expected to enjoy this product.  

Suitability for the average sized person: this product is fantastic for average sized persons and offers a 4 rating. 

Suitability for a large person: this product is equally fantastic for large individuals and offers a significant 4.5 rating as well. 

Odorless: this product does not offer any repulsive smell as only a diminutive 2% of users claiming otherwise.   

Temperature: the temperature of this pillow comes at an impressive 4.5 rating.  With a small percentage of users claiming that the product retains heat and an even smaller percentage claiming that the product retains cold. 

Noisiness: this water pillow comes with a 3 rating for noisiness which is satisfactory. However, a diminutive fraction of users claim that the water pillow would generate more noise when the air is extracted. 

Inclination towards creating allergies: this product features a 3.5 rating in this regard as it does not encourage allergic reactions. However, the polyester feature could encourage mites.  

The convenience of use: this is an important aspect of any product as customers should be able to use products with ease. This water pillow offers 2 in this regard. The reason is that many users claim to experience difficulties when trying to open the lid to add or reduce water. 

The convenience of upkeep: this comes at a 2.5 rating which is an average rating. 

Convenience in the area of mobility: owing to the fact that it contains water which is quite heavy, it is not exactly convent on the area of mobility. 

Featured of being stationary: sometimes a pillow that cannot be moved around easily is a good thing. In this regard, this pillow offers a 5 rating. It is stationed an only requires minimal adjustment. 

Interesting Perks Water Pillow Provides

1. Unlike conventional pillows, water pillow does not require regular molding to give it a desirable shape. Water pillows are always going to be firm and will align in a way that supports a pleasurable sleep.     

2.  A water pillow has the required amount of weight to give adequate support to the head and body. 

3. A water pillow is well-suited to nearly every sleeping position. 

4. There are people that make a lot of movement while sleeping. These people can benefit immensely from water pillows because it will consistently give the sleepers adequate support. 

5.  It can be very frustrating when you experience pains that get you up at night. Pains and discomfort that is caused by your pillow could have a profoundly negative impact on your sleep and overall well-being. However, water pillow is designed to eliminate this challenge.  

6. Water pillows can be regulated to meet your preference by simply adding or reducing water in the pillow. 

7. A water pillow is always in alignment with your body in a way that protects your nerves and muscles from aches, pains, and other complications. 

8. Water pillow is capable of readjusting the spine and restoring your body to adequate posture. 

9. A water pillow gives room temperature. 

10. Water pillow does not encourage allergies or skin reactions. 

11. Water pillow eliminates the challenge of face acne and other complications that come from the face being pressed against a pillow. 

The Disadvantages of Water Pillows

1. The weight of the water pillow is by far the most prominent disadvantage. This poses a major challenge when you are trying to move about with your water pillow.  

2. It is not always guaranteed that the part of the pillow containing polyester is of topnotch quality. 

3. It may not be well suited to your needs as there are few people who find that water pillows generate too much noise.

Concluding Statement 

A genuine mediflow waterbase pillow is designed to make your sleeping experience a pleasurable one. This product is scientifically verified to offer support to various parts of the body like the neck, shoulders, and back. Ultimately, this pillow will eliminate pains that could cause discomfort while aligning with the body for a refreshing rest. While it has some negative aspects such as the need to regulate the water and the weight of the product, its perks and benefits outweigh its downsides. This product does not pose a threat to the wellbeing of users as it is hypoallergenic. When created with the right kind of polyester, this product will keep users feeling strong and healthy. While a diminutive fraction of users complains about sound disturbance while using this pillow, it must be pointed out that this only happens when the pillow is inflated to the fullest. Even at that, most users will contend that it doesn't create ay noise.


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