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Let us start by introducing what wedge pillows are – they are special orthopedic pillows that are created for sufferers of chronic pains as well as poor blood circulation.  These pillows always come in a sloping shape, which is good in relieving pressure points and improving the blood flow, because it means the user can rest their head, shoulders, torso, or legs, and knees in an elevated position.  Heavy snorers can also take advantage of this elevated position, along with people experiencing sleep apnea or consistent acid reflux.

You will find dense memory foam in the best wedge pillows in the market today, because the foam offers excellent durability and support that stand the test of time.  Wedge pillows offer more length and width compared to the normal sleeping pillows. They also weigh more, so that there is no slippage while you are resting your head on them.  You either have one piece of foam in a wedge pillow or many arranged layers of foam to provide adjustable elevation.

In this article, we will be discussing the functions and features of wedge pillows, while providing you with expert suggestions on the best wedge pillows out there in the current market. Read on!

The Best Wedge Pillows

FitPlus: Premium Wedge Pillow

Medslant Wedge Pillow: Quality Product Made in the USA

Brentwood Wedge Pillow: Affordable Price for an Effective Solution

AERIS Wedge Pillow: Lifetime Warranty and Premium Quality

Drive Medical Wedge Pillow: The Foldable Solution for Traveling

Avana Wedge Pillow Comfort System: Full Body Comfort System

MedCline Wedge Pillow: Perfect Solution for Side-Sleepers

Avana Wedge Pillow: The Most Ergonomic Design

How Can a Wedge Pillow Help?

A wedge type of pad helps to resolve a a vast range of health issues. They use gravity as an essential element, which may hinder or give you immediate relief depending on your sleeping position overnight. While lying on your back, gravity may collapse the upper airways and lungs, which could lead to sleep apnea. Wedge pillows resolve that problem and can significantly enhance your breathing or even decrease the need for CPAP machine usage.

The second most common health issue people suffer from while lying on their back is acid reflux. This occurs when acid from your stomach travels up to esophagus while you are sleeping and may cause GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), esophagitis or heartburn. GERD may cause esophageal ulcers, so this problem should not be left untreated. Wedge pillows raise your head allowing gravity to keep the acid in your stomach and from going up into the esophagus.

Wedge pillows may also significantly reduce back and neck pain due to their lumbar and cervical support systems. These systems are also useful for pregnant women because they give extra support for their irregular and changing sleeping positions.

Some designs of wedge pillows may serve to prevent the pooling of liquids for those who suffer from swollen legs by placing the wedge pad below their torso. This procedure keeps legs elevated and may solve this kind of the problem.

A slightly elevated head position may reduce nasal blockage caused by allergies or the flu. It allows sinuses to drain easily and resolves problems associated with restricted breathing. This makes your sleepi much more comfortable.

What Should You Know Before Buying a Wedge Pillow?

Each variation of wedge pillow has different remedial values. Standard wedge pillows will resolve such health issues as snoring, sleep apnea, sinus congestion, acid reflux and heartburn.

For the back pain sufferers, a larger wedge pillow with steeper incline will come in handy. For leg use, there are some particular types of wedge pillows that typically include a flat area in the middle or a small curvature. We also highly recommend a wedge pillow with a gradual slope for pregnant women.

The next main feature of a wedge pillow is the size. You should consider your bed size before you buy a wedge pillow, for both aesthetic and comfort reasons. For the small bed users, large pillows may not fit properly. You should also determine if you are a calm sleeper or move a lot overnight. Bigger pads are better for the agitated sleepers as they will prevent the user from rolling off the pillow.

Be attentive to the firmness of the pillow due to the material from which it is made. Principal materials for wedge pillows is polyurethane foam or memory foam. Plastic and polyester are mainly used for inflatable pillows for traveling. Polyurethane pillows are much firmer than memory foam. If you prefer a soft pad, choose one with a gel foam upper.

Another detail you should examine is the pillow cover. We advise buying pads with the removable and machine-washable covers made from hypoallergenic materials. High-quality cover materials will also prevent you from sliding down your wedge pillow overnight.

Reviews for the Top 8 Anti-Snoring Wedge Pillows of 2018

FitPlus: Premium Wedge Pillow

Price:  $29.95

FitPlus Orthopedic Pillow Review by

General Information

Rating: 4,4 out of 5 stars 

Customer satisfaction: 85%

Measurements: 24 x 28 x 7.5

Weight: 4.4 pounds


By supporting your upper back and shoulders, the bed wedge pillow promotes a better sleep position. As such, it can help reduce snoring, relieve neck and back pain, acid reflux, snoring, allergies and other breathing issues. The ergonomically shaped pillow improves your sleep posture, which can help prevent orthopedic health issues with your spine, neck and shoulders. Position the wedge upright while you watch TV or read in bed, or move it to the foot of the bed to elevate your legs and feet.


This wedge pillow boasts 1.5 inches of memory foam situated on top of a premium-grade polyurethane foam base. Known for its therapeutic qualities and comfortable support, memory foam quickly molds to the contours of your shoulders, neck and head to furnish you with a comfortable, restful sleep.


The comfortable memory foam pillow is outfitted with a soft, breathable cover. In addition to maintaining a comfortable temperature while you sleep, this cover is removable and machine washable too.

Customer review analysis


Reduces snoring

Comfortable incline

Remowable/washable cover

Prevents side sleeping

Pleasant firmness


Needs airing

Quite heavy

Medslant Wedge Pillow: Quality Product Made in the USA

Price:  $99.95


General Information

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86%

Measurements: 32 x 30 x 7 inches

Weight: 4.2 pounds


This pillow elevates and supports the upper part of your body, which keeps airways open and acid down with the help of gravity. This helps you to breathe easy and have a good rest overnight. Perfect for acid reflux and snoring problems.


This top quality, made in the USA wedge pillow combines the newest ISO fresh hypo-allergenic memory foam technology, which provides outstanding comfort by adapting to the contour of your head. Its shape decreases the load on pressure points and provides constant support from a brand name that you can trust. Because Medslant Wedge Pillows usually last about five to seven years, you can depend on its durability and not having to replace it every year.


The pillow comes with a zippered cover made of soft microfiber. The cover is washable, stain- resistant and more durable than ordinary fabrics. It maintains its shape for a long time, but new covers are available. An allergen cover is available on demand but sold separately from the original package.

Special Note

Medslant Wedge Pillow is delivered in a compressed condition. It takes about one hour (or more) to stretch out to its original shape.

Customer review analysis


Comfortable firmness

Perfect for back sleepers

No unpleasant smell

Has comfortable slope height of 7”

Excellent customer service

Made in the USA

Prevents acid reflux

Reduces snoring


Need some time for adaptation

Some issues with pillow decompression may occur after delivery

Brentwood Wedge Pillow: Affordable Price for an Effective Solution

Price:  $41.99


General Information

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77%

Measurements: 24 x 24 x 10 inches

Weight: 3.7 pounds


The Brentwood Wedge Pillow with Therapeutic Foam is a perfect sleep solution for elevating upper body, feet or legs. You may also use it as a body stabilizer while lying on your side. This wedge pillow was designed and manufactured for people who suffer from acid reflux, allergies, snoring, poor blood circulation, breathing problems, hiatial hernias, neck or back problems. It provides a comfortable, gradual slope and uses gravity to help you reduce pain in your neck and shoulders, keep airways open and reflux down overnight. Also, it is perfect for watching TV, sitting on the floor or reading in your bed.


Made in the USA. It has low VOC. Manufactured without TCEP flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, PBDEs and phthalates and the product is regulated by CPSC.


Made from hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, removable and washable ultra-soft stretch knit fabric that is easy to care for and use.

Special Note

Before buying this pillow, measure the distance from the back of your head to the end of where your back bends. The end of the wedge pillow where your head sits is two inches down from the end. This will help you select the correct pad size and avoid possible problems with a product that is too small or too big.

Customer review analysis


Comfortable and firm

Improves quality of sleep

Helps against snoring

Effective against acid reflux

Does not slip due to dense foam and high-quality cover

Removable zipped cover


Needs airing after unpacking

10” model may be too high for some users

Removable cover is snug and not very easy to take off and put on

Zipper on the cover is of poor quality

AERIS Wedge Pillow: Lifetime Warranty and Premium Quality

Price:  Check on Amazon


General Information

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 80%

Measurements: 25.5 x 25.5 x 8.6 inches

Weight: 6.6 pounds


AERIS Wedge Pillow provides proper elevation for snoring, breathing-related health problems, acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), poor blood circulation, and back pain. The pillow is also comfortable for television viewing, reading in bed and other adult activities.


This wedge pillow has a unique curved design and shape for improved level of comfort. It is produced from premium quality memory foam to provide comfortable support at your demand. Addo General Merchandise, the manufacturer of the product, assures every customer with a lifetime free replacement warranty.


There is no need for a replacement cover as the pillow’s bamboo cover is fully removable and machine-washable. Underneath the outer bamboo cover there is a second cover protecting the memory foam base.

Customer review analysis


Pre-aerated pillow with no unpleasant smell after delivery

Perfect quality product

Comfortable even for the side sleepers

“Sliding down” problem is solved due to waved design

Helps with acid reflux

Helps with snoring


Minor issue with zipper on the cover may occur while removing it for washing

Drive Medical Wedge Pillow: The Foldable Solution for Traveling

Price:  $19.99


General Information

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 75%

Measurements: 23 x 23 x 12 inches

Weight: 3.4 pounds


Drive Medical Wedge Pillow provides a gradual incline for your body and elevates your head and shoulders. Thus, it is effective against back and neck pain, acid reflux, respiratory problems, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), heartburn, snoring, and blood circulation issues. The pillow is foldable for easy storage. It comes with a handle, making it easy to carry and comfortable for traveling.


Product is a good quality


Removable and washable for easy cleaning

Special Note

Three pillow height options are available, so choose carefully.

Customer review analysis


Perfect for adult activities and pleasure

Foldable design

Good for relieving back pain

Effective for reducing snoring

Affordable price


Needs airing after delivery

Doesn't come with a fitted pillow case

Hard surface due to absence of memory foam

Avana Wedge Pillow Comfort System: Full Body Comfort System

Price:  $177.99


General Information

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 78%

Measurements: 32.5 x 24 x 11 inches

Weight: 11.6 pounds


Avana has created a full body wedge bed comfort system for your physical and mental relaxation. This system consists of four top-quality pieces that can be adjusted for any body position in bed. The back scoop includes lumbar support, which can be adjusted up and down. Another customization is possible by turning it upside down. The base for your neck slopes down from the headrest section and the Knee Rest provides comfortable relief for your joints. Avana Support Pillow Comfort System gives you ideal comfort for reading, watching TV or meditating.


Made in the USA. This wedge support system is made from a top-quality ultra-comfortable urethane foam. The upper layer includes one inch of memory foam contours. The design and premium quality materials provide a high degree of comfort for your body and the support level is incredible.


100% polyester plush cover. The polyester plush removable cover is very soft. It is machine washable and bookended by a stitched pattern of micro suede on the sides.

Special Note

You cannot combine this wedge support system with a memory foam mattress!

Customer review analysis


Fully adjustable

Wide variety of combinations

Soft and plush fabric

Beautiful design

Very durable

Useful as a pain relief solution after surgery

Helpful against snoring


A lot of storage space required


MedCline Wedge Pillow: Perfect Solution for Side-Sleepers

Price:  Check on Amazon


General Information

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 68%

Measurements: 29 x 21 x 7 inches

Weight: 6 pounds


This advanced positioning wedge pillow by MedCline has a unique patented arm pocket that makes comfortable side-sleeping possible without sliding down overnight. Engineered with four types of foam for support and comfort, it Inclines the entire torso. MedCline Wedge Pillow provides natural relief from snoring, acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms, choking, coughing, nausea, regurgitation, heartburn, etc.


Made in the USA. 80% Cotton/20% Polyester CVC Velour, 100% Polyester dimpled mesh. This wedge pillow is clinically proven in five trials for the most comfortable and efficient body positioning against distressing symptoms of GERD and acid reflux. A range of 15-20 degree angle provides a comfortable incline for sleeping. The pillow is manufactured without any harmful chemicals.


The MedCline Wedge Pillow comes with a plush cover that is removable and washable. The outer cover is also machine washable

Special Note

Available in two sizes: Small and Medium. Choose wisely depending on your body height.

Customer review analysis


Unique patented side-sleeping technology

Comfortable incline

Very durable

Efficient against heartburn and acid reflux

Prevents body from sliding down overnight

High-quality customer service


Needs some time to get used to

Rather expensive

Avana Wedge Pillow: The Most Ergonomic Design

Price:  $99.00


General Information

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 75%

Measurements: 35 x 24 x 8 inches

Weight: 5.8 pounds


Avana Wedge Pillow is an excellent choice for side-sleepers who demand some elevation for natural relief from acid reflux and snoring or for individuals who prefer watching TV and reading in bed.


Made in the USA. This wedge pillow has an ergonomic design and provides the ideal sleeping surface. The pillow is made from polyurethane foam with the upper layer made of memory foam.


Fully removable and washable antimicrobial cover bookended by plush Camel Microsuede on the sides and bamboo rayon fabric on the top of the pillow.

Special Note

If you want your Avana Wedge Pillow not to be so hot overnight, it is also available with Cool Gel Memory Foam.

Customer review analysis


High quality

Wave design

Reduces snoring


Needs airing after delivery

A bit pricey

Best Wedge Pillows – Buyer’s Guide

With the help of a wedge or sloping orthopedic pillow, a user can easily rest their head, shoulders, and torso at an elevated position, which is great in relieving a lot of medical issues, such as poor circulation, sleep apnea, and acid reflux among others.  Likewise, these special pillows help significantly in relieving pressure points of the spine and neck. You have them in different thickness and sizes so that they are suitable for all types of sleepers.  Interestingly, you can get some for as low as below $50.

For people looking to get a wedge pillow for the first time, making the right choice will most likely be difficult.  You have them in several styles and models, hence, to know the right fit for you, it is important that you get conversant with the types of materials, sizes, and other features commonly found in wedge pillows. 

In this guide, we will be discussing the designs of these pillows at length, and the medical conditions they help with.  Likewise, we will consider some useful tips that can help first-time buyers to make the right choice.  Lastly, we provide you with a few models of the best wedge pillows available in the current market. 

Essential Features To Watch Out For In Wedge Pillows

You can either use a wedge pillow separately or combine it with a standard pillow on top, in which case it serves as the base layer.  These pillows come in various designs, and certain features usually distinguish these designs, including the: 


The inclined positioning of these pillows means the most popular shape is triangular.  However, based on the model, you can have a flat or contoured surface.  Likewise, you will find some of these pillows with a single piece of foam, and others with several components, including headrests that can be removed.  The latter are called PILLOW SYSTEMS.


They also come in various sizes.  For instance, we have wedge pillows that share the sizes of the bed, i.e., twin, queen, and king wedge pillow sizes.  Also, some designs come as extra-large, large, medium, or small.  Ensure that your potential pillow’s size will match that of your bed.


The height is another essential and distinguishing feature of wedge pillows, particularly if you are looking to use it for medical purposes.  Based on height, you can have low, mid-height, and tall wedge pillows.

  • Low wedge pillows start from 6-8 inches of height, and they are great for health issues like sleep apnea and acid reflux among others.
  • Mid-height wedge pillows have heights of between 10-12 inches.  It is ideal for sleepers looking to get an elevated sleeping position so that they can avoid pains, aches, or sore muscles each time they wake up.
  • Tall wedge pillows have heights of over 15 inches.  They are not ideal for medical applications but come handy if you are interested in propping yourself up in bed, perhaps to watch the TV or read a book.


Away from the design, another distinguishing feature of wedge pillows is the inclination.  We all sleep differently – back, side, and even stomach sleepers. Back sleepers usually need adequate support for their back, and this can be gotten from a soft wedge pillow.  Side sleepers are better off with a firm and thin wedge pillow.  If the inclination of a wedge pillow is too high, it may lead to sleeping issues. Hence the ideal inclination angle would be between 30 and 45 degrees.


The lightest pillows weigh 2-4 pounds, while the heaviest ones can be up to 12 pounds. Heavier pillows will most likely not move a lot while sleeping, although maneuvering them can be challenging.  Conversely, if you are the type that tosses and turns throughout the night, you will find the lighter pillows too light, but the maneuvering comes handy most times.


The main component in a wedge pillow is either the memory foam or polyurethane foam.  The polyurethane foam wedge pillows are known to offer firmer support; thus, they are great for back sleepers.  Memory foam wedge pillows, on the other hand, are known to conform to the body shape seamlessly, which makes them ideal for side sleepers. 

You can have a polyester fill in some wedge pillows, thus giving them a feeling of softness, just like we have in the traditional pillows.  However, such pillows are not ideal for medical use, compared to the foam wedge pillows, but they are good for back pains and can be folded easily. 


You can either have a single piece of foam or multiple layers of softer foam layers arranged on top of the firmer ones.


How long your wedge pillow will last is a factor of the quality and how much you use the pillow.  You may get warranty coverage, depending on the manufacturer.  Where it is present, it could be valid for as long as three years.

Density of foam

More density means more firmness.  While the lower density foams can be a lot more comfortable, they would most likely lose their shape with time.  If you are interested in a steep incline, the higher density foam is your ideal option.  For additional comfort, you could combine your wedge pillow with a soft pillow (placed on the top), however, ensure that you don’t sink in too deep into these pillows and end up unable to breathe correctly.  Chances are you will not find the exact density a pillow offers written on them. Instead, they are just marked as high or low-density pillows. 


There are foldable and detachable wedge pillows that come handy for travelers. In some cases, the manufacturer may provide a travel-size carrying case.


A standard pillowcase doesn’t work with a wedge pillow, considering the unusual shape of the latter.  While wedge pillows are bound to get dirty, it is advisable that you go for a model with a detachable, washable cover.  Never wash your memory foam, either by hand or in a machine.  The foam starts deteriorating when exposed to moisture. The ideal method of cleaning the foam components is light spot cleaning. 


You have some wedge pillows selling for over $100, and others below $50. You should always consider the shipping costs if you are buying online, and note that price often defines how much durability or quality a wedge pillow would offer.


Slippery pillows are hardly comfortable. Hence it is always advisable to buy wedge foams with non-slip materials and less slope.  High gradient pillows should always go with a pillowcase that stops you from slipping down while sleeping. 

Warranty and Refund

With a warranty, you can easily return and get a replacement or a refund if the product ends up underperforming. 

Users Of A Wedge Pillow

Despite the general medical benefits of wedge pillows, the preferences of every sleeper are different.  However, the ideal users of wedge pillows include:

Back Sleepers

With its lower inclines, wedge pillows come handy in serving as a proper rest for the shoulders, necks, and heads of back sleepers at a certain angle.  The inclines can be low (7-8 inches) or higher, but the higher inclines are usually less comfortable. 

Side Sleepers

Contoured wedge pillows are ideal for side sleepers, considering that its shape corresponds to the spine’s natural curvature and thus offer adequate support to areas where pressure points emerge in the case of side sleepers, including the shoulders and neck. 

People that like sitting up in their beds

If you like to read or watch TV in bed, you need higher-incline wedge pillows to rest your head or back on. Wedge pillows come handy for this use due to their portability and lightweight, which make them usable on chairs and sofas also.

Pregnant women

When the legs of a pregnant woman are elevated while asleep, the pressure on the lower back reduces. 


Snoring has no outright cure, however keeping the head and neck elevated reduces it drastically. There are specially-designed wedge pillows for snorers, especially those whose conditions are due to obstructive or central sleep apnea (OSA or CSA).

People with acid reflux

This medical condition is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease – GERD – and it makes the stomach acid to flow into the stomach, and subsequently into the throat and mouth.  However, by keeping the head and neck elevated, acid reflux symptoms can be reduced significantly, considering that the stomach acid can no longer flow upwards.

Sufferers of the neck, shoulder, or back pains

This might be caused due to diseases, old injuries, or similar medical conditions.  They can be worsened by the use of the wrong pillows, i.e., pillows that do not improve spinal alignment. However, with a wedge pillow, the spine is well aligned, and the pressure points are eased because these pillows offer targeted support to these areas. 

Lower back pressure can be relieved by using the bed wedge under the legs of the user. It also comes handy in keeping your feet elevated based on medical directives.  It is common for people to use two wedge pillows at a time – the first under their legs and the other under their shoulders.  In such an arrangement, the two narrow tapered ends of the wedge face each other. Thus the user has their head and shoulders elevated, along with their feet, while their lower back and knees are well supported.

Sufferers of poor circulation

Poor blood circulation is common in the upper and/or lower body of adults.  However, the use of wedge pillows, especially when the incline is higher, helps with blood circulation in the arms and shoulders.  When the pillow is placed under the feet of the sleeper, it helps with circulation in the legs and knees.

People with blocked sinuses

Clogged sinuses is another condition that can be relieved with wedge pillows.  When you use a wedge pillow while sleeping, your head is raised, and your nose and sinuses will not get flooded.  A bed wedge also comes handy in providing more comfort when you are sick, considering that your sinuses drain faster and better.  Hence, when you wake up, you do not have that accumulated pressure that can aggravate your symptoms.  This method offers significant relief for both cold and flu.

People with DVT or Edema

Painful swelling as a result of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and/or Edema can be combated by keeping the legs and feet elevated with a wedge pillow. When you sleep in such a position all night, there is more comfort in the morning.  It is recommended that you combine a bed wedge to elevate your feet while sleeping, and compression stockings or socks to help you with walking.  This doesn’t only facilitate the treatments but also reduces the painful swelling significantly. Alternatively, you can place the traditional bed wedge under your legs, although there are specially designed bed wedges for that purpose.  However, most people prefer the latter due to its additional comfort they offer, whether you are using compression stockings in the day or not.

Do not change your current medical care routine except such a change is recommended or supported by your doctor or primary caregiver.  Your health team is in the best position to proffer medical advice at any point in time.  This is even more essential if you have or had issues with blood clots.  Yes, you can rest assured of excellent comfort all night long with bed wedges; however, consulting your doctor and seeking their approval is quite necessary.

Some Vital Conditions To Check Before Choosing A Wedge Pillow

Below are some conditions which you should consider while purchasing a wedge pillow and making a comparison between different brands.

How much do you plan to spend on getting a new wedge pillow?

In order to obtain a new wedge pillow, endeavor to set a budget of at least $30. However, there are some designs that can cost as much as $75 to $100. Top-quality wedge pillow and those made from reputable brands tend to be pricier.

What size of wedge pillow do you want?

You will likely find a large wedge pillow, and in fact, some will not be suitable for small-size mattresses. Hence, it is advisable to know your bed’s measurement before you will buy your wedge pillow. There are some wedge pillow models which are made in different sizes.  In addition, endeavor to decide whether you will be using the pillow under your neck, head, and shoulders or only for your head and a small segment of the neck.

What pillow inclination do you prefer?

Ideally, a wedge pillow varies from 7 to 12 inches regarding inclination angle. If you will be reading or watching TV while using your pillow, then a model with higher inclination is advisable. On the other hand, the lower inclination is useful for sleeping. The rule of thumb is that the higher the steepness of inclination, the lesser will be the comfort level obtainable on the long run. And also, to relieve pains and comfort, an incline which is too drastic is not necessary. However, a steep incline may be useful in some specific situations such as a bad bout of heartburn, congestion or sickness. But a more gradual slope is ideal for your everyday use most notably for the side-sleepers.

Flat or contoured pillow surface: which one do you prefer?

Typically, pillow with flat surface offers balance support to the shoulders, neck, and head. Whereas, contoured pillows ensures the proper alignment of the spine, shoulders, and neck. Such performance may be useful for people that sleep on their side or any person that requires targeted support for any of the three areas.

What kind of foam is used as content of pillow?

Most wedge pillows contain memory foam; however, we have seen some products that have polyfoam. But, those made with polyfoam are more likely to deteriorate faster and offer less support compared to those containing memory foam. However, one advantage of polyfoam pillows is that in most cases it is cheaper compared to memory foam pillows.

Do you sleep hot?

Generally, foams have high heat retention ability. However, some designs are made to enhance ventilation, but you have to put it in mind ahead of your purchase. While considering pillow to buy, check for a product with logically placed holes – take note that you will be sacrificing some firmness in such product – or products made with cooling gel pad. If you find those that use cooling gel pad and after you have used it for some time only to discover that you are overheating quickly, endeavor to make some purchases to reduce the heat. For instance, some pillow cases can help maintain cool condition across the night – a good example is bamboo. Also, you may purchase a gel pad only and put it on top of the wedge.

Can I remove and wash the pillow cover?

While the washing consideration may not be among your top priority in terms of comfort, you may have to consider it before purchasing a wedge pillow. The reason is that no one will want to keep using a pillow which consistently gets wet with sweat or drools. It is possible to find the foam filled into the pillow as difficult to wash, and therefore, it is best advised to use another means to clean them. For instance, you may use a waterproof pillow cover with disinfectant spray – this is quite simple. A more complicated option is to find a pillow which can be popped inside a washer.

Do you roll and turn?

People who roll and frequently shift positions shouldn’t use lightweight wedge pillows with high inclination since the pillow will likely slip during the night. Instead, they are best advised to use weighty pillows having lower inclines.

What level of firmness do you prefer?

“Medium Firm” or Firmer is the most common firmness among the wedge pillow designs. Endeavor to check the firmness of the pillow if it is not made available on the product’s description.

Do you snore?

By getting rid of your snoring, a wedge pillow used beneath your head can help offer a peaceful night rest to your partner. However, be informed that anti-snore pillow does not work for every person. But, you can make an informed decision concerning if it will work for you or not. Such decision-making should be based on the reason behind your snores. For instance, if you snore only when you sleep on your back, then, it is most likely that changing your position will help solve the snoring issue.  But if you snore regardless of the position, then, it is best advised to consider other solutions rather than spending high to purchase an expensive pillow – there is a good chance that it won’t solve the problem.

Do you suffer from poor circulation?

Some individuals may suffer from circulation challenges most especially in the upper part of their body; however, most of it will be accumulated in the legs. A problem of poor circulation can be resolved by using a wedge pillow having the high inclination and placing it under legs or feet.

Do you love watching TV or reading in bed?

It is inadvisable to use a wedge pillow having lower inclines while sitting up on the bed because it can result in neck strain. Instead, wedge pillow with high inclination is suitable for such activities.

What return policy does the manufacturer offer?

Some producers of wedge pillow provide sleep trials which enable clients to try out the pillow for a stipulated period – between 30 to 90 nights in most cases. Before the period expires, the product has to be returned if the user does not like it. However, there are some companies that offer a lifetime guarantee and consequently, allow clients to return a pillow for a complete refund regardless of the time – this usually replace product warranty. Other brands do not permit returns for flawless products. Furthermore, internet-based retailers such as Amazon provide standard sleep trials for every product irrespective of the policy provided by the producer.

What is the period of warranty for a pillow?

Several brands and models have different warranty coverage for wedge pillows. However, the majority of wedge pillow warranties often include any defects in the space of at most three years. But do not be surprised to see some brands offering no warranty coverage. 

Take note: ideally, pillows which provide a replacement guarantee for life are not included under warranties. 

Using Wedge Pillows For Customized Comfort

Irrespective of the method of use, you can be assured that the gentle slope of the wedge pillows will offer you excellent support. Interestingly, you can switch the slope in several ways to suit different purposes.  Some popular options are discussed below:

Upright Decline

This position is ideal for people that sit up in bed.  All you need to do is to place the short, wide end of your wedge pillow on your mattress, while the long, flat side is resting against your headboard or wall. This allows you to sit up straight while reclining slightly. There is no better ergonomic angle for reading or watching TV from bed.  The wedge pillow conforms to the shape of your back and keeps you comfortable all through.

Gentle slope for back sleep

You will be amazed at how beneficial it is to add a slight height to your upper body while sleeping.  This positioning helps with several respiratory issues and sleep apnea.  With an inclination of 30-45 degrees, the airway is relieved of pressure, and symptoms improve significantly. It is also effective in dealing with acid reflux, with the gravity generated preventing the acid from finding its way to the throat. 

Gentle slope for side sleep

Sleeping on your side at an incline eases symptoms of acid reflux and sleep apnea.  Likewise, it offers extra support for the neck and shoulders, so that the body maintains a perfect neutral alignment. You can either sit up higher or set the angle to a subtle incline when it comes to where your head falls on the pillow. 

Beneath your knees

Having a wedge pillow in this position eases the pressure on your lower back. It also ensures that blood circulates adequately throughout your legs while preventing tired, sore muscles and swollen feet. Ensuring proper circulation prevents advanced health situations such as DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis or varicose veins.

On the lap

Looking to get something done on your laptop while in bed? You can have your wedge pillow on your lap where it serves as a mini desk for your tablet or laptop.  Your device stays at a comfortable range to you while the pillow supports your wrist.

Helpful Tips

  • Consult your doctor before purchasing a wedge pillow, particularly if the purchase is meant for medical uses.  Your physician is in the best position to recommend the ideal size for your medical issue.
  • Try out different pillow configurations with your wedge pillow alone.  In most cases, you end up not needing a traditional pillow. 
  • To keep your wedge pillow from shifting while you sleep, press its tall end against the wall or headboard. 
  • As a prop in bed, set your wedge pillow against the wall or headboard, while the flat, wide end is pressed against the mattress.

Wedge Pillow Care


The storage case comes out-of-the-box and is great for carrying the pillow about. Storing your pillow properly when not in use extends its lifespan.  Ensure that your pillow doesn’t get in contact with dirt or fluids.


Only use your wedge pillow correctly. If it is for the lap, knees, or back, ensure it is used for the right purpose only.


If a detachable cover is present in your wedge pillow, endeavor to clean it frequently, so that it lasts longer.  Spot-cleaning your pillow improves air circulation and eliminates the unpleasant smell. 

Acid Reflux and Wedge Pillows

Acid reflux is that burning pain you feel close to your lower chest area.  Also, known as heartburn, pyrosis, or indigestion, it happens mostly when you have just finished eating.  It is caused by the acid irritation of the esophagus lining when the stomach acid tries to flow back to the mouth through the throat. Unlike the stomach, the esophagus is not immune to hydrochloric acid.  Instead, it has a ring of muscles – the gastroesophageal sphincter – that prevents the re-entry of the acid into the esophagus.  However, whenever this ring of muscles fails, acid reflux occurs. 

While a lot can cause acid reflux, sleeping positioning is one of the most common causes.  Your posture in bed can cause the acid to try to reenter the esophagus or your throat from the stomach. 

How Does It Work?

When you are in the market for a pillow for acid reflux, it can be more challenging compared to searching for a pillow that suits your sleeping position.  This is because you are faced with a lot of options, which you must assess diligently, before eventually settling for one that suits your personal needs and preferences.  

Acid reflux sufferers with serious or worsening conditions can best deal with the situation by keeping the acid away from the esophagus.  This is the simplest form of relief possible, and this can be achieved by maximizing gravity, i.e., raising the upper body so that the acid cannot rise further than normal. However, only wedge-like pillows can achieve this arrangement, due to their differences in height and material construction. 

Wedge pillow offers the highest level of comfort for back sleepers, while the stomach and side sleepers get the least comfort.  You will find a softer layered foam in a couple of wedge pillows; this is to ensure that the pillow can work in various positions. 

Side Effects and Risks of Use

Fortunately, wedge pillows do not come with any risk or side effects. Thus, it is the best form of treatment for GERD, acid reflux, and similar medical conditions. It is even better, considering you can switch wedge pillows until you find one that you like and bring the desired results. 

Consult your physician on the other means of relieving your GERD symptoms.Snoring and Wedge Pillows

Wedge pillows are presented as a material which assists side sleeping and consequently, provides assistance to the sleeping posture as well as support the airway in order to alleviate some of the causes of snoring. The different models of wedge pillows are seen as corrective to get rid of snoring problems which are facilitated by posture and not medical causes – although they may offer relief in the case of the latter too. Perhaps, you are still wondering how wedge pillow can help to resolve your snoring issues, here is your answer.

As for snoring that originates from blocked airways and body structure, settling for anti-snore wedge may be handy since they can help place your body suitably to support breathing. When wedge pillows are used in such manner, they can be very useful as anti-snoring material since they support the neck, head and the upper body in a way that the air passages will not be blocked by the soft tissues.

Also, such a posture can help relieve the pressure that creates sinus problems as it is far easier to drain away its build-up rather than accumulating in your sinus cavities. This process is also useful for an illness which makes the tissue swells since there is better support for the circulation of blood. Conditions such as acid reflux, heartburns, certain hernias among others can also be corrected using wedge pillows.

While snoring issues which are caused by medical situations or disease have to be treated by doctors, a wedge pillow may significantly alleviate your inconvenience. Once you realize that your snoring issues are due to medical conditions, ensure that you consult your physician, and ask for their recommendations before using new care.

Wedge Pillows for Pregnant Women

Like other models of wedge pillow, the pregnancy wedge pillow resembles a wedge which can be placed under your tummy or back to relish some needed support across the night. Pregnancy insomnia can be reduced by using such a pillow. Also, apart from that, they can support the back and the stomach, it can also help to avoid lower back aches by placing it between the legs.

Currently, among the cheapest pregnancy pillow products available in the market, pregnancy wedge is one of them. Most mothers prefer pregnancy wedges since they are still useful after giving birth to the baby. Pregnancy wedges will make you feel comfortable while watching television and useful for propping up your regular pillow. Hence, this wedge pillow is not only meant for pregnant women.

Furthermore, the designs of wedge pillows enable users to utilize them in various positions:

  • Below the stomach: wedge pillow helps support your stomach and consequently, keeping the weight from shifting to your hip and back.
  • Behind the back: if you are likely tossing and turning now and then, endeavor to try using a wedge pillow to maintain a side-sleeping position.
  • Beneath your regular pillow: since wedge pillows help to raise the head, it may be useful in relieving pregnancy heartburn as well as reflux.

Over time, we have seen some pregnant mothers that use a pregnancy wedge pillow to keep a hot water bottle on their side or use with a heat pack.

Pregnancy wedges come in two specific styles:

1.    Triangular pregnancy wedge pillow: this style looks like a wedge of cheese.

2.    Round pregnancy wedge pillow: this style resembles a filled in crescent moon.

One of the advantages of using pregnancy wedges is that they use a little space in your bed. Hence, while you sleep, your pregnant partner would still be convenient sleeping by your side on the same bed. Currently, wedges are considered as the smallest kind of pregnancy pillow.

However, since pregnancy wedge pillows are small, you might have to get a separate pillow for your head to relax during your sleep. Still, the smaller size of wedge pregnancy is an added advantage since they are ideal for traveling while expecting your child.

Pregnancy wedge pillow has its lapses, and one of them is inconsistency in their design. Many brands come with different steepness of the slope. Consequently, several women have different preferences concerning pregnancy wedge pillows.

Leg Wedge Pillows

Perhaps, due to our daily jobs, sleeping position, or lifestyles, we often suffer from different conditions. Such conditions may include muscle cramps, knee pains, backaches, leg pains among others. Although these conditions usually occur so frequently that people often underrate them; however, such heath situations can inhibit our daily activities. Thus, it is best advised to prevent or alleviate them.

Also, leg wedge pillow has been considered as one of the effective means to prevent such conditions. Contrary to the regular pillows, leg wedge pillows have a specific slanted angle; hence, they can raise the leg and consequently, reduce pressure. By reducing the pressure, a leg wedge pillow will assist in getting rid of several body pains. 

Also, a leg wedge pillow will be useful for people suffering from leg, knee, back, and hip pain since it can elevate their lower ends and minimize pressure on their lower lumbar spine to relieve pain. Furthermore, the likes of foot and ankle injury recovery can be sped up by using a leg wedge pillow. These pillows are ideal for people in hard cast or who had undergone surgeries on their knee, foot or leg in the past since it conforms conveniently to the shape of the body. Usually, after a successful operation, existing pillows may lead to frustrations due to failure to provide the much-needed support.

Old people may benefit significantly by using a wedge pillow if they are suffering from bone loss called osteopenia. Even if you are young, old age will definitely come for you – and with thin bones. Mobility issues and pain can be resolved by having a peaceful night rest. Also, a leg wedge pillow is handy for people who spend a long time on the bed such as in the nursing homes.

Now, consider the following factors:

•    Height of Pillow

It is best advised to crosscheck the height of the pillow with your total height. Simply put, the height of your pillow should not be too tall so much that it causes your leg to fall “asleep” or too short to the extent that it leads to inconvenience. If you fall into a category of tall people, you should check the precise measurements of the raised leg rest to make sure that you buy a product that is suitable for your needs.

•    Sleeping Position

Various people sleep using different positions. Hence, we have side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers. If you sleep on your back or tummy, you are advised to select a soft and thin leg wedge pillow. But, if you sleep on your side, you should go for a thick and firm wedge pillow.

•    Degree of Elevation

In between angle 30◦ and 45◦ is the most effective inclination degree for a leg wedge pillow. Sleep apnea may be caused as a result of high inclination while a low inclination may result in failure of the pillow to meet expectations. Hence, while considering a wedge pillow to buy, endeavor to settle for a product with the correct angle of elevation.

•    Material content

Endeavor to purchase a pillow with hypoallergenic materials if you are allergic. Generally, if you aim to purchase a pillow that is soft and feels excellent, it is best advised to choose memory foam. Also, ensure that the material is sufficiently durable to provide lasting comfort.

•    The Brand

Purchasing your pillow from a reliable brand is very crucial. The reason is that reputable brands produce top-quality materials as well as offers maximum warranties and satisfaction guarantees. Such brands have good customer care operation that seeks to satisfy customers. Fortunately, all the pillows listed earlier are made by top brands; hence, choosing one among them won’t be any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sleeping on a wedge pillow; is it advisable?

It can be a great idea to sleep on a wedge pillow as it will allow you to use gravity to supply quick relief to heartburn, chest or sinus congestion, and reflux – including GERD. Also, it helps to enhance breathing which can assist your oxygen levels and consequently, enables you to experience a peaceful sleep as well as eradicate snoring. 

Also, an inclined sleep supplied by a wedge pillow may relieve some pressure and strain on some body parts as well as reduce some pains sustained during injury or as a result of overuse. If you always experience back or neck pain, using a wedge pillow may be the solution.

Which height is the best for a wedge pillow?

Generally, the intended purpose determines the best height of a wedge pillow. However, if you will be lying on its back to sleep, a height of 7 to 12 inches is the standard height range for a wedge pillow. But if you turn the pillow and make it tall – which is good for sitting upright – the expected height will fall between 15 to more than 30 inches. As the pillow spends more time lying flat; so will the inclination increase slightly.

Which pillow works best for reducing snores?

Well, the truth is that there is no perfect choice. However, if your snoring is as a result of old age, overweight or sickness, then, it is advisable to choose wedge pillows. Also, you have to consider your kind of snoring. For instance, if you only snore in a specific position, it is possible that it can be resolved by repositioning; something which wedge pillow will come handy at. If your case is a closed mouth snore, then, it is most likely that your tongue has issues as open-mouth snores are connected to the throat. But, if you snore while sleeping on your back, this is the easiest to cure since it can be resolved with a wedge pillow.

However, if you snore in every position, a deeper condition may be involved. For snoring which is closely attached to a fundamental health issue, it is most likely that no pillow model will help the situation. Hence, if you try to correct the situation using a pillow and it fails, then, it is high time to see an optician.

Can wedge pillows resolve sleep apnea?

Resolving sleep apnea using a wedge pillow is not as likely as the case for snoring. The reason is that apnea cannot be fixed through repositioning which wedge pillow does; however, apnea can be improved using the right wedge pillow in some cases. But, we can’t state that it will help significantly. Take note that your chances of dying in your sleep enhance by 30% if you leave your sleep apnea untreated beyond five years. Also, you will be twice or thrice more at the risk of getting a stroke and more prone to a heart attack.

The best chance of recovery is by asking a doctor to prescribe CPAP for you – which comes with a unique CPAP pillow. For people suffering from apnea, it is best advised to visit your doctor rather than using a wedge pillow as leaving it untreated can kill you.

Is there an adjustment time to change a wedge pillow?

People who are familiar with sleeping with traditional flat pillows will have to take some time to change to a wedge pillow because your sleeping position will change accordingly. Nevertheless, between one or two nights, you should get comfortable using a wedge pillow. But, if you are nervous concerning the change, it is advisable to start using a wedge pillow for naps pending the time you will get familiar to the new shape.

Is it possible to travel with a wedge pillow?

Whether you have a significant health problem or not, hotel pillows don’t usually offer sufficient support to feel comfortable. Hence, it is recommended to bring along a wedge pillow while traveling. Packing a large wedge pillow is usually difficult; therefore, you should purchase a small wedge pillow which is ideal as your traveling pillow. Also, endeavor to take along a plastic travel bag to prevent dirt and stains from the pillow.

Which conditions should an allergic person check for in a wedge pillow?

Most wedge pillows come with hypoallergenic foam which is quite useful for allergic people. Also, it is advisable to ensure that the pillow has no phthalates or formaldehyde that can induce reactions in allergic people or sensitive skins.

Is it advisable to put bricks beneath the headboard to elevate the bed?

According to doctor’s recommendation of 4 to 8 inches for raising the headboard, you will be lifting the center support of your metal bed frame from the ground; however, doing this will render your 20-year mattress warranty invalid. In a case where your mattress sags and you put out a claim against it, the brand can legitimately use a bedding inspector to check the mattress. Such inspectors are knowledgeable in checking for spots where blocks might have been applied so as to render the claim invalid. Protection Status 

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