Let us start by introducing what wedge pillows are – they are special orthopedic devices that are created for sufferers of chronic pains as well as poor blood circulation. They always come in a sloping shape, which is good in relieving pressure points and improving the blood flow, because it means the user can rest their head, shoulders, torso, or legs, and knees in an elevated position.  Heavy snorers can also take advantage of this elevated position, along with people experiencing sleep apnea or consistent acid reflux.

You will find dense memory foam in the best options in the market today, because the foam offers excellent durability and support that stand the test of time.  Bed wedge pillows offer more length and width compared to the normal sleeping pillows. They also weigh more, so that there is no slippage while you are resting your head on them.  You either have one piece of foam or many arranged layers of foam to provide adjustable elevation.

In this article, we will be discussing the functions and features of wedge pillows, while providing you with expert suggestions on the best products out there in the current market. Read on!

The Best Wedge Pillows

FitPlus: Premium Wedge Pillow

Medslant : Quality Product Made in the USA

Brentwood : Affordable Price for an Effective Solution

AERIS : Lifetime Warranty and Premium Quality

Drive Medical : The Foldable Solution for Traveling

Avana Comfort System: Full Body Comfort System

MedCline : Perfect Solution for Side-Sleepers

Avana : The Most Ergonomic Design

How Can a Wedge Pillow Help?

A wedge type of pad helps to resolve a a vast range of health issues. They use gravity as an essential element, which may hinder or give you immediate relief depending on your sleeping position overnight. While lying on your back, gravity may collapse the upper airways and lungs, which could lead to sleep apnea. Wedge pillows resolve that problem and can significantly enhance your breathing or even decrease the need for CPAP machine usage.

The second most common health issue people suffer from while lying on their back is acid reflux. This occurs when acid from your stomach travels up to esophagus while you are sleeping and may cause GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), esophagitis or heartburn. GERD may cause esophageal ulcers, so this problem should not be left untreated. Wedge pillows raise your head allowing gravity to keep the acid in your stomach and from going up into the esophagus.

These pillows may also significantly reduce back and neck pain due to their lumbar and cervical support systems. These systems are also useful for pregnant women because they give extra support for their irregular and changing sleeping positions.

Some designs may serve to prevent the pooling of liquids for those who suffer from swollen legs by placing the wedge pad below their torso. This procedure keeps legs elevated and may solve this kind of the problem.

A slightly elevated head position may reduce nasal blockage caused by allergies or the flu. It allows sinuses to drain easily and resolves problems associated with restricted breathing. This makes your sleepi much more comfortable.

What Should You Know Before Buying a Wedge Pillow?

Each variation of this pillow has different remedial values. Standard ones will resolve such health issues as snoring, sleep apnea, sinus congestion, acid reflux and heartburn.

For the back pain sufferers, a larger option with steeper incline will come in handy. For leg use, there are some particular types of pillows that typically include a flat area in the middle or a small curvature. We also highly recommend a pillow with a gradual slope for pregnant women.

The next main feature of a wedge pillow is the size. You should consider your bed size before you buy a pillow, for both aesthetic and comfort reasons. For the small bed users, large pillows may not fit properly. You should also determine if you are a calm sleeper or move a lot overnight. Bigger pads are better for the agitated sleepers as they will prevent the user from rolling off the pillow.

Be attentive to the firmness of the pillow due to the material from which it is made. Principal materials for wedge pillows is polyurethane foam or memory foam. Plastic and polyester are mainly used for inflatable pillows for traveling. Polyurethane pillows are much firmer than memory foam. If you prefer a soft pad, choose one with a gel foam upper.

Another detail you should examine is the pillow cover. We advise buying pads with the removable and machine-washable covers made from hypoallergenic materials. High-quality cover materials will also prevent you from sliding down your pillow overnight.

Reviews for the Top 8 Wedge Pillows

FitPlus: Premium Wedge Pillow

Price:  Check on Amazon

FitPlus Orthopedic Pillow Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Rating: 4,4 out of 5 stars 

Customer satisfaction: 85%

Measurements: 24 x 28 x 7.5

Weight: 4.4 pounds


By supporting your upper back and shoulders, the bed wedge pillow promotes a better sleep position. As such, it can help reduce snoring, relieve neck and back pain, acid reflux, snoring, allergies and other breathing issues. The ergonomically shaped pillow improves your sleep posture, which can help prevent orthopedic health issues with your spine, neck and shoulders. Position the wedge upright while you watch TV or read in bed, or move it to the foot of the bed to elevate your legs and feet.


This pillow boasts 1.5 inches of memory foam situated on top of a premium-grade polyurethane foam base. Known for its therapeutic qualities and comfortable support, memory foam quickly molds to the contours of your shoulders, neck and head to furnish you with a comfortable, restful sleep.


This memory foam pillow is outfitted with a soft, breathable cover. In addition to maintaining a comfortable temperature while you sleep, this cover is removable and machine washable too.

Customer review analysis


Reduces snoring

Comfortable incline

Remowable/washable cover

Prevents side sleeping

Pleasant firmness


Needs airing

Quite heavy

Medslant: Quality Product Made in the USA